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Fan scam alert: Harry Potter e-books

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Kiara Johnson:

A web site purporting to offer electronic versions of all five "Harry Potter" novels by JK Rowling, including the unreleased sixth book, has sprung up and is advertising online to fans through search engines and ad-supported sites like HPANA. It should be noted that there are no authorized electronic text versions of the "Potter" books, period. The sixth, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," is to be released July 16.

Yeah, well... This kinda things are common. Since we're on the topic, I would just like to tell you guys to watch out for emailers who claim they're one of the actors in HP.

lol.. has that happened to you 0612?

Yes! It's so lame, people just send an email to like thirty or forty people and say they're Daniel Radcliffe and they have started a fan club, asking me if I wanted to join.  ;D

that's so stupid!
it's amazing what ppl will do for attention.


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