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did you hear about that dude coming into a school to talk to kids and that guy called harry potter and stuff?

Ginny Weasly:
What? Slow down and read what you wrote. It makes no sense. Explain.

Oh yeah i just seen it myself lol.......

I'll paste a report on it

Author Thrown out of School for Calling Harry Potter “Gay”.

Reverend Graham Taylor, a cleric turned top-selling author was thrown out of Penair School London after delivering a talk to pupils and telling them Harry Potter was gay. 
Using a popular catch phrase from popular TV show “Little Britain” Taylor told the pupils, "As for Harry Potter, well, he's not the only gay in the village".   
Taylor's talk to the 12-year-olds was brought to a premature end when the youngsters became "excitable", and was asked to leave by staff. "I didn't set out to offend” Taylor told reporters.

No evidence supports Harry Potter being gay. Taylor needs to get his facts straight, and himself. (cause people who assume other people are gay are usually hiding their own sexuality.)

Ok, that's a good one ;D

Seriously, which Harry Potter is he even referring to? The book character or Dan?
In both cases, we have evidence that they're both *NOT* gay :P


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