Author Topic: Okay...Let's get into some hardcore Book 7 discussion  (Read 11381 times)

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Re: Okay...Let's get into some hardcore Book 7 discussion
« Reply #45 on: February 11, 2010, 04:30:39 AM »
ok, so at the end of the seventh book, anyone notice how voldemort made sooooo many mistakes and he had always been so.. thorough?     
1:when voldemort and harry "wake up" in the forest and harry is supposedly dead, old voldy didnt check harry himself, or at least hav someone he truely trusted do it. instead sinse he was too into his ego (and fear) he had the woman he had it out for do it.
2:he kidnapps a wandmaker to tell him all he can know about harrys and his wands connection and about the death stick, and still he doesnt know the detail that "happens" to be one of the most important points in the book.- you dont hav to kill the previous owner, just master them. voldemort is stupid.
  Voldemort is an idiot who was too concerned with himself to look at the things other ppl had.