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Depressed(anyone can come)
« on: October 3, 2007, 01:51:32 AM »
Lily sat there.She felt terrible.She had just when through maybe the worst day of her life.All her friends were fighting and someone had tried to kill her but she didn't know who.She sat in the empty common room while everyone was downstairs at the Great Hall,eating.She didn't want to.There was too much to think about.Too much too discover.She wished for just one day in her freaken life that it would be okay.But for Lily that wasn't possible.Everyday something bad had to happen and she guessed that's why they said life isn't fair.She didn't want to go down there and be asked questions.She had just had the weirdest conversation with her friend Lisa Parkinson.She was in Slytherin but was okay.Well right now.She had been evil at one point but she had went to rehab like Lily for anger management issues.She had been acting really weird lately.She was talking about death and what it would be like.Then something hit her.She ran.LISA WAS GONNA KILL HERSELF!!!! :o