Author Topic: If Harry Potter was a Slytherin... (year 1)  (Read 5155 times)

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If Harry Potter was a Slytherin... (year 1)
« on: January 1, 2010, 07:04:09 PM »
 In the starting of the book,Draco says to Harry "I'll help you make the right kind of friends,if your friends with me." then he sticks out his hand for Harry to shake it and become his friend if he does. Harry didnt become Draco's friend though,but what if he had? What if they became friends? Later, when they were being sorted, Harry told the sorting hat,"Not Slytherin, not Slytherin." But what if he hadnt? What if Harry asked the sorting hat, "Not Gryffindor, Slytherin!"?
 It all comes back to the moment where Draco's hand stuck out to shake Harry's hand. What if Harry shoke
his hand? For one thing, history itself would be changed...

 I am Harry Potter, today is my first day at Hogwarts. As I walked up the steps with the other first years, a boy with slick backed hair comes up to me and says, "So the rumers are true, the legendary Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts. My name is Draco Malfoy, and I'll help you make the right kind of friends." He looks over at Ron Weasly, one of my new friends. "Weasly." He sneared, then looked at me and stuck his hand out for me to shake. "Just start with the right kind first." And I shoke his hand, then my life seemed to begin a new...
 I walked into the great hall with him and his, ummm buddys, and his name was called up for him to be sorted. Just as the hat barley touched his head it yelled, "Slytherin!" Then time flew, because soon after I was called up, I waited for the hat to do the same thing to me as it had done to Malfoy, but I was suprised, the hat hesitated, "Hmmm, where to put you, where to put you?" I held my breath, then got an idea, "Please, put me in Slytherin, just not Gryffindor, please?" I whispered, it replied "Hmmm, not Gryffindor eh, you could do great things, you know...No?... well then I know where to put you, Slytherin!"
 The whole Slytherin table cheered the loudest, and Gryffindors all looked over very slack-jawed. I sneared over at them with Malfoy, and we laughed.silly little Gryffindors!
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Re: If Harry Potter was a Slytherin... (year 1)
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 The next day we had transfiguration and potions, transfiguration was boring, but potions was amazing! Professor Snape had told us:
 I can teach you to bottle fame
brew glory
and put a stopper on death.

 me and Malfoy stared astonished. Malfoy elbowed me
" not that you need it, eh Potter?" we muffled our laughter.
 " Who can tell me what a bezzor is?" Snape asked, Granger raised her hand.
"No one? Well what is the draft of the living dead?" again, Granger raised her hand.
"no one?"
 "Please sir, a bez-"
 "Granger, don't talk out of turn in my class! Five points will be taken from Gryffindor! For your information, a bezzor is a rock taken from a goats stomach. And the draft of living death is a sleeping potion so powerful, that's what they call it... Well, why aren't you all copying this down?" all the Gryffindors groaned. Then we got to work.

 That night, we took turns casting spells on Weaslys rat.
 "Whingardium leviosa!"
 "I don't know!"
 "Bye bye ratty!"
 Crab and Goyle, tried to, read.
 "Well what dose it say?"
 "I don't know?"
While we slept, I kept watching Headwig, my owl, shutter in her sleep. I knew, I didn't care what my parents thought, but Voldimort was right! Muggle borns were evil. They stole pure blood magic and created squibs, like Filch!

 Well halloween was probly the best night ever! Quirell ran in.
 "Troll in the dungeon!" well while every one was screaming, Granger and Weasly snuck away to find the troll. Well the next day the both were in the hospital wing with severe broken bones. We laughed at them but once Weasly said:
 "Harry, I thought you were my friend!"
I replied:
 "What? Friend! I laugh at you stupid mud blood loving Gryffindors!" Malfoy turned, pointed his wand at Ron and yelled "Eat slugs, Weasly!"
Ron fell over, and gasping for air, spit out a huge, green and black slug. Malfoy and I laughed, we were best friends, nothing could tear us apart.
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Re: Harry Potter's Slytherin diary. year 1
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 December 17 1991
 Later that year, I made the Slytherin Quiditch team and so did Draco. I was seeker, Draco was jealous. Slytherin never lost the day i joined, never. But ever since Weasly said he thought i was his friend, I fealt guilty. Its not just that I was, but the fact I got nervous around Draco. One thing though was that Draco keeps hitting on my girl, Pansy Parkensin, she is shorter skinny with short black hair. I am getting ticked off at him now.
sorry all i can write today. and remember :)-D keep drinking butter beer