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Sitting is relaxing

Started by Josh Weasley1, January 24, 2010, 04:23:03 AM

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Josh Weasley1

It was a cold rainy day. Josh sat up in his bed and looked out the window. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. Just another rainy day he thought to himself. He sat up looked around and put his head in his palms. His feet were cold but the rest of his body seemed at normal temperature. He stood up and grabbed his shirt and put it on. He then put his shoes on and stumbled into the common room. It was very early as he sat in one of the big plush chairs.

As he sat there staring at the fire he began to imagine he was somewhere sunny or tropical. He imagined himself on a beach. He wanted that feeling of having wet sand between his toes and the warm sun beating down. He smiled as he sat there lost in his imagination.

He opened his eyes to see he was still in the dark common room. He looked outside and it looked dull and gray and depressing out. The only sound in the room was the sound of the crackling fire and the rain pounding against the glass. It seemed to resonate more because he was the only one in the room. He sighed again and leaned his head back.

He closed his eyes again. This time he wasn't thinking about the beach. He was thinking about the girl he met while he was gone. He has the imagine of her beautiful face in his mind. Her long black wavy hair with her many freckles like his own. But she was gone now and he wasn't going to find her anytime soon.

He opened his eyes again and scratched his head.
Dancing days are here again


A creaking sound came from the Common Room entrance as the portrait swung open. Axel climbed through the passage way and stepped into the Common Room, his long red hair, hoodie, and sweats, both soaked. Without even glancing at the boy who sat in the dark room, Axel walked upstairs to his trunk and began changing into some warmer clothing. 

"Stupid rain." Axel mumbled as he came back down, his eyes focusing on the window which was covered with little water droplets. Axel had been outside running in the Forbidden Forest when he got hit with the dreaded cold rain. He hated running while it was raining. It held him back from really letting loose. It slowed him down.

He plopped down on one of the couches, dressed in a white t shirt and red and white plaid pajama bottoms. He looked at the boy, who looked like he was bored out of his mind.

"Hey." He said. "Are you new?"

Josh Weasley1

Josh watched carefully as this student he has never seen came in dripping wet. His eyes followed him as he walked upstairs and came back down. When he heard the question asked he chuckled a little inside.
"Hi" He said " No I'm not new I've just been gone a while." He glanced down at his hands. He noticed he was fidgeting with his hands again. He hated it, but he couldn't help it he thought it made him look nervous when he wasn't.
"What's your name?" He said with a smile. He observed this new person who had long red hair just like him. The rain continued to pound against the glass as they both sat there.
Dancing days are here again


 Josh spaced out of the nervous conversation. His thought going back to Lillian. He imagined she was with him. They were smiling to each other as he wrapped her hair around his finger. Their eyes never leaving each others. He smiled as he thought about the brightness she brought him. How she lit his would on fire. But he never would think she was closer then he thought. He looked back to the other boy. Asking him about the pop quiz they had today. 


is kalee_ann josh?

Bucky burst into the dormitory/common room he had blood all over his face,d**n that zit popping spell. The petty fights were getting worse.

Bucky payed no attention to anyone, he needed to get out there quickly, as much as he would never admit it, he needed to escape so no one saw him crying. He really hated the Bullies,good thing Bucky was strong.

Bucky ran upstairs (or layed on his bed) and layed on his bed he needed rest, they made him run, another spell.

Bucky felt a bead of water come from his shimmering Olive green eyes. At hat he thought he was being a Pu**y.
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Which is Bucky?? You decide.


(( Haha no,, I posted that an hour after I joined and I had NO clue what I was doing. Sorry for confusion. =D. ))