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« on: April 30, 2010, 04:55:46 PM »
(( This is an unnamed ff, which I actually made at scool. It isn't Harry Potter inspired. It will just be... like a topic where I can express myself creatively with creating this story. It is like, semi-planned in my head. ))

" Why do you insist that I use my time on those old musty professors? I WILL NOT GO TO SCHOOL TODAY, MOTHER! " A high pitched voice was heard throughout the small wooden cottage, and out into the forest clearing that stood around it. It was a sunny Monday morning, and a solitary cloud sailed the heavens. A gentle breeze swept the green ankle high grass. The surroundings were beautiful, with colourful flowers in full bloom spread across the small clearing in which the small wooden cottage stood. Birds in the trees sang out their happiness about the fine weather, and the other animals and creatures around the clearing jumped around in the soft moist moss. The atmosphere was heavenly, and the weather magnificent.

      In the middle of the small, grass filled clearing stood a tiny old cottage, which looked like no cottage at all. It was more of an old rotten shed, with small dirty windows, ravaged wooden door, and cane formed roof, which peaked at 10 feet. It was a small building; it filled most of the clearing where it stood. The cottage was as broad as tall, and it was peculiar that someone could even try to live inside the tiny, ravaged house.

     The silence was broken, as a tall figure walked out of the cottage. It was a female teenager, even though; she did not look like any normal teenager at all. She was tall, with a lean figure; her body was slim and covered only in a linen tank top, and a pair of brown trousers. She long ravens black hair which went down to her shoulders. As she closed the door violently, her hair stood on end, as if she had been electrocuted. She was emitting a weird aura, one of strange, unseen beauty, an aura where it seemed like a golden glow came from her. As she walked into the forest with long, decisive steps, the flowers on the ground closed, and opened several times. Blue, white and green.


Post Potter depression.

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Re: Unnamed.
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I like it. It's interesting. Please post more.