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~let it out~
« on: October 30, 2010, 02:06:42 AM »
((Albus, pwease.))

She ran.  Her feet pounded against the ground, but she was silent. She weaved between the trees like a deer.  She knew this forest well-- better than she should.  Too many days and nights had been spent out here, mostly by herself.  Students weren't supposed to come here, but she always did.  It was a sanctuary of sorts.

She remembered when she used to hide and watch the other kids her age dare each other to enter the dark presence of the trees.  Some would come in, but most wouldn't.  Even if they did, they never came more than a few yards.  Silly children.  They never knew what a wonderfull place the forest was.  Of course, the lack of children was part of the reason it was such a nice place. 

The forest was a keeper of secrets, too.  Its hidden eyes saw more of her true self than any person had.  While her acts had sometimes been witnessed before, she tended to be more guarded around humans.  She never showed off her powers, never flaunted them.  Sure, she might show off a little, but never to her full extent.

As she was running now, she knew exactly what she planned on doing.  She had done almost nothing in the past four months.  Running and doing dangerous activities weren't as easy to do when you were pregnant with twins.  But she wasn't pregnant anymore, so she could do whatever she felt like doing.

And so she ran.

It felt so good to be running again.  Even though the air was cool and crisp, she was dressed only on a tight black shirt and tight black pants.  Her thick brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun, her face pale and her eyes a vibrant blue.  For the first time in ten months, she felt alive again.  Her heart pounded in her chest and she was winded, but she didn't care.  She was going to run to her clearing if it killed her.

No. Not if it killed her.  She had two children to think about.  She couldn't hurt herself.  She had to be more careful now that she wasn't the only one she had to watch out for.  Her feet slowed her to a walk and she breathed deeply.  -You have to take care of yourself, there are people who need you now.- She forced the thought into her mind as she walked the last few yards to her clearing.  It wasn't really her clearing, but it might as well be.  It was the biggest cleared area around the school, and she had set up spells to make it fireproof and soundproof.  She didn't want anybody wandering over because they heard her explosions, and she didn't want to burn the place down.

She looked around the place lovingly, making sure everything was the same.  Things seemed unchanged since the last time she saw it, but there was a thick layer of leaves covering the ground.  With a swift flick of her wrist there was a gust of wind and the leaves were all blown back into the trees.  She nodded and walked towards the middle of the clearing.  Slowly she raised her hands like a conductor and made small motions.  Music started playing softly, and suddenly there was a feeling of pressure.  Fire spurted from the ground at her feet, dancing to the tune, before spreading around to the music.
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