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i saw something on facebook that said that "harry potter ripped off twilight" because of jacob black and sirius black being werewolves (which is not true, it's remus lupin) and they start talking about sirius in the 3rd book and it was published before stephinie meyer (i think thats who wrote twilight) started writing the 1st book and they dont menchin jacob being a werewolf until the second book (i havent read it yet, but my sisters read it and she says that it doesnt menchin it until the 2nd book). the most popular comment was "ARE YOU AN IDIOT?!" i am very  >:( (mad) at that person!

Merlin's beard!!!! See what twilight is doing to people?!?! it's making them STUPID!!! Lol I don't know bout you but I hate people like that!


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