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Moving Portraits Project!
« on: July 18, 2011, 02:54:51 AM »
I'm looking for some random fans who are willing to help me out with a small personal project!

I happen to know a few Harry Potter fans who are willing to help me, but not nearly as many as I'd like! So, I'm here to ask for assistance from anyone who'd like to help!

I am sure you are well aware of the moving pictures in the Harry Potter world! Well, I intend to collect videos of many people in cosplay (just about anything that isn't blunt "Muggle Clothes".) and turn them into those same moving pictures.

These pictures will not gain me or anyone else any sort of profit, and will be used for entertainment value only. Everyone in the video must give consent to being in the video or else I can't use it.  If you could help me make a video like this, I'd be very grateful!

If so, I'm looking for the following in these videos:

One CONTINUOUS recording of either a single person or a group doing a convincing job of pretending they are an ACTUAL wizard standing for an ACTUAL photo! Make sure they are not any specific character, but rather a RANDOM wizard (of any age). Also, make sure no blatant "Muggle Objects" are in the picture unless they are intended to be!

Start the recording object (iphone, webcam, camera) on a FLAT surface (the frame should not move!) and have suject(s) of the photo stand in place, smile, perhaps talk to each other a bit (if a group shot). Make sure nothing they say is decidable with or without sound. After a few moments of actual standard "posing" (not too exuberant, but just lightly posing for the camera) they can proceed to occupy themselves with other things, and even jostle into and out of view.

The video should START and END with everyone OFF SCREEN. This way the looping is perfect, and the portrait can be continuously running with no problem!

Try to keep it casual.  Not too excited unless there's something exciting in the background as well! Must look convincing!

I would really appreciate the help from anyone interested! All you need to do is record the video and upload it to youtube! I'm not sure how often I can check these forums; so sending it to my youtube account (Acoyph) or to my email at Acoyph at live dot com is preferable! 

I hope to see some moving pictures soon!