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Ace High (Hope this doesnt suck)
« on: January 5, 2012, 04:08:47 AM »
Name's- Ace High



Appearance's- always has jell in his hair. Green eyes. Light build. Black robe with flames at the end. No shoes just socks. Hair dirty Blondie. Slight dent in his nose. And cheeks marked from smiling so much.


Parents— Dad- Lucky High and mom- Scarlet High. My dad pretty much hid from mother that he was a werewolf. Everytime he went out at night for his "job" he would turn and feed. Make his own army to present to Greyback (I think that's the werewolf in the movie is named). Well I was his best. He would train me in a secret location everyday. He said it was to protect my self, but later on I found out it was to for me to become... A wizard slayer. Dad killed mom, dad turned me...I left.. Dad wants to kill me.

Personality— I want to be a good person. The past always keeps coming back to me, but I will fight it. I have the will to fight it (I hope). I want to befriend everybody. Nights are a no go though.. Cant let anybody know about my .... problem. I love to laugh and smile. Very thingyy. Hate shoes, love socks. Well not so much hate shoes they just keep breaking so I lose them. Always want to prove my self no matter what. Constantly combing hair its like OCD.
Likes/Dislikes— Likes-Socks and hair Dislikes-shoes and losers.

Power— Besides being able to transform into a all powerfull, man eating, virus spreading beast, I'm very trained in close combat. Worked very hard to perfect speed and balance, and to fight without fail. (Think Lee from Naruto lol). There would be one more power, and that's the way with the lady (Or the power to be thingyy and ignorant lol)
History— (In kinda went crazy in "Parents") Training my whole life. Until invited to go to Hogwarts. My dad "Lucky High" killed my mother "Scarlet High". Everyday was a test and a battle. Until I met some muggles. They were not as bad as my father made them seem and they taught me to laugh and smile, and to love. One day I showed a girl that I liked a lot my curse. She cursed me and ran. Call the authorities on me. I ran before was caught, late on she was labled crazy and now stuck in a hospital. I will never show anybody again. Threw out my life my hunger has grown. I don't think I can control it a day longer..