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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Ch.3 The Christmas Dance

The following day was the first Qudditch game of the year. It was Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw. Draco woke up early that morning so that he could go see Kiara before the match. He was hoping he could get her out of the hospital so she could see him play.

When Draco went down to the common room, there was Pansy, sitting in a chair looking like she had something on her mind.

"Oh great." he thought as he rolled his eyes.

"So, you going to be friends with Potter now?" She asked.

"You know what Pansy? I have no idea what is going on any more but, ya sure why the hell not? Look, if you don't have anything pleasant to say, please just keep your mouth shut and don't talk to me. I happen to be in a good mood right now and I don't want you to spoil it."

Then with that said, Draco patted her on the head and walked out.

"MEN!" Pansy sighed as she got up and went down to breakfast.

On his way up to the hospital wing Draco saw Hermione. She looked at him and actually said hi.

"Hi, Hermione." he said in return.

“Geez this is going to be weird” He thought to himself.

Once in the hospital room he went straight over to Kiara's bed and sat down next to her. She was still sleeping so he just sat there and stared at her. He still wasn't sure what this was all about and it all kinda scared him. There was something more at play here, more than just their feelings for one another, he could almost feel it.

“d**n, what is it!” he thought.

What ever it was, was sitting and waiting, biding it's time.

“Does it have to do with Voldem0rt?” He wondered---

"Hey you"   Kiara said sleepily.

Draco jumped, then smiled at her.

"Morning sleepy head. You startled me."

He bent over and gave her a kiss.

"What were you thinking about, just now?" Kiara asked.

"Oh, you know, I was just thinking of a good excuse to get you out of here." He lied. "Do you think Madam Pomfrey would let you out to watch me play today?"

"Well look who's awake." Madam Pomfrey came walking in. "How are you feeling?" She asked Kiara.

"I feel great. Feel like I could do it all over again."

Madam Pomfrey shook her head.

"Madam Pomfrey? Do you think I could get out of here so that I can free that Dragonite? I'm afraid someone is going to break it or something if I don't hurry up." Kiara smiled at her.

"Your smiles aren't going to get you any were with me young lady. We'll just take your temperature and then check you over, make sure those ribs healed ok. Only then, IF, I think your doing alright can you go."

After a complete check Madam Pomfrey told Kiara she could go. Draco left the room so she could change then together they walked down to breakfast.

When they got to the Hall they went to their separate tables.

All the Gryffindors cheered Kiara for yesterdays save of the little Creevely.

"Kiara?" It was Dennis. "Could I get your picture for my mum. She wants one because you saved my life and all that."

"Sure Dennis Go ahead, click away." She smiled and even posed for the camera.

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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Draco sat with Crabbe and Goyle.

"Don't look at me as if I let you down or something!" Draco snarled at the two of them. "You two know better than any one else that I will go to any length to get what I want and right now all I want is Kiara. If that means being friends with Potter then so be it!" He glared at them as if challenging them to say something. "Got it!"

"Uh, ok Draco"

"Ya, ok."

"Good then lets eat. I'm starving and I have a game to win tonight.

By the time he left the Hall to get dressed for the game, Draco was in his usual peevish mood. Kiara noticed he was leaving and went after him. Pansy beat her to him however.

Pansy walked up to Draco and Kissed him. Draco happily returned the kiss. They walked off toward the field together.

"Ok, he never did make any commitment to me or anything, so I guess I should let that go." She told herself.

She was still jealous though.

Ron, Harry and Hermione came walking out of the Hall at that time.

"Ready?" Kiara said, putting on her best face and turning around.

She couldn't let them know she was upset. Harry was holding hands with Hermione so Kiara put her arm in Ron's an together the four of them went out to the stands to watch the game.

It was a rough game but in the end, Slytherin won. Draco caught the snitch.

After the teams landed, the students came pouring out of the stands. Kiara was about to go down and congratulate Draco when she saw, once again, he had Pansy by the waist twirling her around. He kissed her again. Kiara, not thinking too well at all, turned to Ron and Kissed him. She made sure Draco saw. She made it a good long kiss before she finally let him go.

“Thanks Ron.”  She said, giving him a hug.

"Err--uh, your welcome Kiara. Any time you feel the need."

His face was as red as his hair.

Kiara put her arm in his once again and together with Harry and Hermione they left the field.

Kiara still needed to release the Dragonite, so the four of them went over to were it stood, so that Kiara could do what was needed.

"Are you sure about this Kiara? I mean it did try to kill you yesterday and all." Ron asked nervously.

"Ya, you'll see. Who ever was controlling it yesterday lost their control as soon as my spell took effect. Watch."

Kiara walked right up to the beast and then, putting one hand on either side of it's neck she said, "Animate."

Color started to appear from under her hands, spreading through the Dragonites body. Faster and faster until finally the Dragonite stretched it's wings and bent it's head to Kiara who gently kissed its nose, then it flew off towards the West.

"Wow! That was brilliant!" Exclaimed Ron.

Kiara smiled,” Thank you. See I told you it was going to be alright."

Just then she noticed Draco walking their way with Pansy by his side. She quickly grabbed Ron and took off through the door and up to Gryffindor tower.

Harry and Hermione sat in a corner discussing their future. Kiara was sitting next to the fire pretending to study. Ron came over, sat in the chair next to her and looked at her questionably.

"What?" she asked him.

"Oh nothing." He paused for a moment then asked, "Why did you kiss me like that, up in the stands, today?"

"Why not?" She replied.

Ron thought for a moment.

"Did it have anything to do with Pansy and Malfoy?"

"You saw that too huh? Well I guess then that's why I did it." She gave him a half smile.

"Ok then, that's what I thought. Sorry Kiara, I know you really like Malfoy and all, and I know it must hurt to see him with Pansy but, believe me, you are much better off finding out what he is really like now, before it's too late. You are much better off without him."

Kiara didn't say anything for quite a while. Then she turned to Ron again.

"Ron?" Ron looked up from his book.

"Yes Kiara?"

"Can I have a hug? I think I need one right now."

Ron smiled at her,

"Sure, like I said before, any time you feel the need. “
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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The next morning came too fast for Kiara. Their first class for today was potions, with Slytherin which meant she would have to face Draco first thing. The four of them walked to breakfast together. When they rounded the corner there was Draco, backed, as usual, by Crabbe and Goyle. Draco glared at Ron. Although he had been kissing on Pansy, he was jealous of the kiss Ron had received from Kiara the day before.

"So Weasley. That Muggle loving father of yours get a raise at work yet? Oh, I'm sorry. By the looks of your robes he obviously hasn't. Or hadn't you remembered to dress properly for school this morning?"

The three Slytherins laughed. Ron opened his mouth to retort but Kiara grabbed his arm and pulled him into the Hall.

"Sorry Ron, I had no idea he would take it out on you." Kiara said in a rather quiet and angry tone.
"It's ok Kiara. I'm used to it by now."

They walked to the table and sat down.

"Besides, it was well worth it." He said with a wink.

Ron remembered the kiss she had given him the day before and he smiled.

"I hope Malfoy doesn't say anything about our secret." Harry was a little worried.

"If he does, so what. Everyone thinks you have ties to Voldem0rt any way." Hermione said with a smile.

"Ya, you’re right Mione. Besides, I don't think he would say anything any way. It would give me just that much more lime light and, you know how much he hates that." Harry laughed.

When they all arrived at the door to Snape’s' class, the Slytherins were already there, as usual.

"Hey Maul, better watch it or you'll get bitten by a snake. I noticed you couldn't hang on to the last one you had. Maybe you just didn't give it what it wanted so, it slithered on over to some one who would." Pansy said.

The Slytherin girls laughed.

"Hey Pansy, saved enough money for a new wardrobe yet? What with all the bagin' you do you should have made a fortune by now. Or has your Pimp, Malfoy, spent it all?" Kiara retorted.

Pansy started toward her wand but, before she could reach it her hand started to burn. She recoiled her hand and the burning stopped. She winced in pain and glared at Kiara.  

"Go ahead Slytherin, reach for it. I dare you." Kiara gave her a look that told her that under no circumstances was she afraid to repeat what she had done to her before.

Pansy backed down.

"See Harry, even snakes can be taught."

Ron, Harry and Hermione all laughed. Kiara did not.

"Something funny Potter?" It was Snape.

"No, sir." Harry said stifling a laugh.

"Ok then, lets get on with this. Everyone to your seats.

Kiara went and took her seat across from Draco and got her things out to put into the pot. Draco seemed to busy himself with getting the pot and fire ready. They didn't talk or even look at each other the whole time.
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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After class, Kiara and Hermione went up to the library together. Hermione needed a book for one of her classes and asked Kiara to come with her.

"Kiara? Does Harry ever talk about me?" Hermione wanted to know.

"Ya, all the time. Why?"

"Oh, I guess I just needed some assurance that's all."

Kiara smiled at her, "Hermione, if you only knew how he really feels about you. You, my dear, might just be the luckiest girl in this school. Harry just has a hard time expressing himself. Heck Mione, you know him better than me. Why you asking me." Kiara laughed.

"I don't know, I thought just because you're twins you'd know what the other feels." Hermione told her.

Kiara thought a moment.

"Does he ever talk about me?"

"Ya, he does Kiara and he seems to be really worried about you right now. I keep telling him you're all right. He insists, however that your not. Are you?"

Kiara fell silent for a moment.

"I really don't know Hermione." She paused, "I think that I'll be fine though. As long as I have you three around, any way."


It was almost Christmas break. Harry was really excited because, for the first time ever, he was actually going home. Sirius wrote him a letter saying he would be there to pick him up so that he could meet Kiara.

"He'll be here in two days Kiara. Are you sure you won't come with us?"

Kiara kissed Harry lightly on the cheek.

"Thank you Harry, however I think that you and Sirius still have a lot of catching up to do. Besides, I want to spend some time with my own godfather too you know."

Harry smiled at her.  

"You see him practically every day Kiara."

"Ya but, that is as a Headmaster not as my godfather. There is a whole other side to Professor Dumbledore Harry."

Harry laughed at this,

"Sorry Kiara but I don't think I could see him as anything else. The thought just won't come to me."

Kiara laughed, "It's ok Harry. I won't make you. Hey Ron. You staying here?" Kiara asked hoping he was staying.

"Bill and Charlie are coming home for the Holidays, I wouldn't miss it. No, I'm not staying. Ginny is staying though, Nevil asked her to the dance again." Ron replied happily.

"How about you Hermione?"

Hermione smiled at Kiara, "No, my parents are taking me to China this year, sorry Kiara."

Kiara sighed. "I guess that leaves me by myself."

"Not really Kiara. I heard that Seamus wanted to ask you to the dance." Hermione said, elbowing her in the ribs.

Kiara smiled a little at that. She really rather liked Seamus. He was pretty good looking and a rather nice boy. Maybe he was just what she needed to forget about Draco. She was still having some rather alarming dreams about him. She blushed slightly thinking about them.
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Two days later, Sirius showed up to take Harry home. Harry introduced him to Kiara and they seemed to hit it off just fine. The three of them spent the whole afternoon together telling Harry Potter stories and Harry even had a few Kiara stories to add. They all got a good laugh at each other. Then, it was time for Harry and Sirius to go. Kiara hugged them both good-bye then, they left.  Hermione and Ron left earlier that morning to catch the train so, Kiara was left alone.

Felling more than a little lonely she headed straight up to Professor Dumbledore’s office. She had to wait outside though because Lucius Malfoy was in there talking to him.

When Lucius came out he smiled at Kiara. It wasn't a friendly smile. It was more like a hateful one. Kiara didn't like that smile one bit. She however, returned it with an equally hateful smile of her own.

"Come in Kiara."

She did just that and before Dumbledore knew what hit him she was hugging him. Then, she let go and gave him a kiss.

"What was that for?" Dumbledore asked, somewhat surprised.

"Oh, you know, I just missed you. That's all. Could we have dinner together tonight? Just the two of us?"

"Well I think the staff could get on alright without me for a night. What have you got in mind?"

"How about The Leaky Cauldron? They have pretty good food." Kiara said smiling.

"Sounds great. It's a date then?" Dumbledore returned her smile with one of his own.

"Ya, it's a date. See you at six o'clock."

"Ok, six o'clock it is then."

"Love you godfather."

With that said and done she gave him another hug and walked out of his office feeling better than she'd felt for a long time.

When she got back to Gryffindor common room Seamus was sitting in a chair. He smiled at her when she walked in.

"Hi Kiara."
Kiara walked over and sat down next to him.

"Hi Seamus, what you up to?"

"Oh, just sitting here waiting for you to come in." He replied with a grin.

"Oh, is that so. I ever so hope that I didn't make you wait too awfully long." She said it with a smile.

"No, you didn't, Kiara." He paused, "You wouldn't happen to be going to the Dance with anyone, would you?"

"No, as a matter of fact, I'm not."

He seemed so nervous. Kiara could make this easy for him and just tell him she would go, if that was what he was asking .

“Now were would be the fun in that. Kiara thought, holding back her smile.

"Well, you wouldn't, that is, what I'm trying to say is, Will go with me?"

Kiara didn't answer right away. She took a certain delight in the fact that he was about two shades paler than usual. Finally she let him off the hook.

"Well of course I'll go with you Seamus." She giggled.

Then with out really meaning to she found herself flirting with him, rather hard. Before things got out of hand though, Neville came walking in to the room.

"Hi Seamus, Kiara."

Kiara smiled and said hi.

"Would you like to join us Neville she asked."

She didn't see Seamus shaking his head behind her back.

"Uh, thanks Kiara but, I just came to get some parchment. I'm doing some extra credit for Transmogrification." he lied.

"Ok, see you Neville." Seamus said.

After Neville left, Seamus turned to Kiara again,

"Where were we?"

"I do believe I was getting ready to go to my room for something" Kiara said.

Then she got up at left.
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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When she reached her bedside she noticed a small package on her nightstand. The note on it read:

To Kiara: Please don't throw this away or anything rash like that. Give me a chance here. I want you to have this, it was my mums'. I know it's a bit early for Christmas and all but, since I have to go home I thought I would give this to you a bit early. Maybe, you could wear it to the dance. We need to talk. Please give it some thought. See you when I get back, I hope.

Draco Malfoy

She opened the package, inside was a beautiful, expensive looking, broach. It was made of Silver with black diamonds. It was of the Slytherin Coat of Arms. Kiara wasn't sure about excepting it. She put it on her night stand.

"I'll think about it after the dance. Right now, I need to figure out what I'm going to wear." She thought to herself.

That evening, as promised, Kiara and Dumbledore went to dinner at the Leaky Cauldron, they had a wonderful time. The two of them talked for a while then Kiara asked if they could go shopping for a new dress to wear to the dance.

"I think we could find you something to wear. Let's go shopping then."

When they finally made it back to the castle, Kiara's arms were loaded with boxes and bags from their shopping trip, as were Dumbledore’s. McGonnigal ran into them at the front door.

"Now there's a new look for you, Albus the bag carrier." She laughed.

"I guess I can live with that one Minerva." Dumbledore laughed behind one of the boxes as he and Kiara headed to the Gryffindor tower.

After they deposited Kiara's new things on her bed, Kiara gave Dumbledore another hug.

"Thank you godfather."

He smiled as he left the room.

"I think I needed that too.” He said happily. Then he left and went back to his office.

After Kiara had put everything away, she went back down to the common room to sit by the fire and relax. Seamus was there.

"So, we meet again, Kiara." She smiled.

"Hi Seamus. Were is everyone tonight?"

"They are all at that astrology thing, remember?" Seamus told her.

"Oh ya, I forgot. Why aren't you there?"

"I was, but I left. I'm not really into that stuff."

They talked for a while then found themselves wrestling around on the floor. Seamus pinned her then, he bent down and kissed her.

It actually was quite nice. It felt good to have him hold her like that and his kiss was every bit as sweet as he was. He rolled over and looked up at the ceiling.

"Sorry for that Kiara."

Kiara turned over so that her face was directly above his and kissed him back.

"That's ok Seamus."

Then she got up and went to bed.

She had to kiss him back because she needed to know.

"No, nothing like Draco. I really think I should have that talk with him." She sighed. "But only if he approaches me first." then she turned over and went to sleep.

On Christmas morning Kiara got up and went straight to her presents. Harry had sent her a very pretty music box. She received a diary from Hermione and Ron's package was full of sweets and some home made fudge from his mum. Professor Dumbledore gave her a picture book. Some of the pictures were new. They were of herself Hermione, Ron and Harry. The others were of her mother and her, when she was very little. There was one more left. It was from Draco.

The note said:

Kiara, I know I already got you that broach but, I found this when I was out shopping the other day. I thought you might like it. I have one just like it.


She opened it and inside was a jewel-encrusted dagger.

"Wow, this is pretty cool" She smiled. "Yes, I most definitely will have to have that talk with him."

She put the dagger on the night stand with her other things and sighed.

"Hermione, were are you when I need you?"

Draco Malfoy was in a pensive mood. He at last convinced his father to let him return to school tonight so that he could see Kiara. At first he was dead set against it. Only after Draco had told him exactly who Kiara was and who her father was, did he decide that maybe, he really should go back and clear things up with her.

"He gave in too easily." Thought Draco. "I wonder if I shouldn't have told him. Oh well, what’s done is done. I guess."
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Kiara was just about ready. Ginny was helping her with her hair. Lavender, who had already finished with herself, was pinning the broach to Kiara's dress.

"Are you sure you want to were this thing? I mean it's so well, Slytherin."

Kiara laughed softly.

"Yes Lavender, I am going to were it, Maybe it will remind Seamus that my heart is still with Draco and he'll keep his hands to himself."

All three girls laughed as they put on their finishing touches. Then, they went down.

The dress Kiara had chosen was snow white with a pale green faded perfectly from top to bottom. Her hair was put up and had babies breath wound through it. She wore a silver chain, encrusted with emeralds, around her head like a crown of sorts. When Seamus saw her he almost fainted, as did the other boys.

"Y, You look beautiful." He stuttered.

Kiara smiled at him.

"Thank you Seamus, shall we go?"

The hall was decorated as usual. With fire-flies zipping here and there and the trees all decorated. Dumbledore made his usual speech then the dance was under way.

The two of them danced for a long time. Then, Seamus asked Kiara if she wanted a drink. She said she did so, he went and got them.

When he returned he asked, "So, are you and Malfoy, you know? Or were you ever?"

"No Seamus, we were never but, as to rather we are or not, that remains to be seen." She answered him truthfully.

"So, there wouldn't be any chance for us then." He said it more than asked because he knew the answer.

"No Seamus, there isn't. You are a really nice guy and I like to hang with you however, my heart belongs else were."

After she said this, she bent over and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Seamus smiled.

"At least I can say that I got to take the prettiest girl to the dance." He smiled again.

Kiara was having the feeling that they were being watched. She turned to look and there he was, dressed all in black, as usual, Draco Malfoy---

When he realized she had seen him, he walked over to the two of them.

"Merry Christmas, Kiara."

"Merry Christmas, Draco." She replied formally.

Seamus jumped when he heard Draco's voice. Draco scared him more than a little. That and the fact that not only was he at the dance with Kiara, she had just kissed him.

"Relax Finnegan. You had every right to take her to this dance. However, now that I am here --- I would like a word with you Kiara?"

Seamus told her to go ahead. Who was he to argue anyway.

"Are you sure Seamus?" Kiara asked him.

"Ya, I'll go see Dean, he looks like he could use some company anyway."

Before he could leave, Kiara kissed him again.

"Thank you for a wonderful time, Seamus." She said with a kind smile.

Then Draco took her arm and they left.

They went out to the balcony and closed the door behind them. It was a beautiful night. The snow was sparkling and the air seemed, calm.

"Kiara, I'm sorry about acting like such a jerk these last few weeks. That thing with Pansy, well, she just wouldn't leave me alone. I didn't mean for you to get hurt."

Kiara wasn't looking at him, nor was she saying a thing.

"I see your wearing the broach I gave you. You look absolutely enchanting tonight, you know."

She still didn't respond.

"Dam it, Kiara, at least yell at me or something!"

Kiara suddenly turned on him.

"Ok, you want me to yell at you, FINE, here it goes! Number one, YOU, get me out of the hospital early so that I can see, YOU play Qudditch. Then you take off to the field without even telling me your leaving and what do I see when I go out to wish, YOU, luck! You kissing that, that, B****, Pansy! Then, when the game is over, who do you choose to have in your arms! PANSY! Then, you insult my friend and who do you allow to insult me, PANSY! There, is that what you wanted to hear? Tell me now, Draco Malfoy, and I mean NOW, who is it going to be, her or me. I need to know so that if you choose her, I can at lest try to get you off my mind. You consume my every thought, my every feeling, from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed at night. Your in my dreams and when you aren't with me, I still feel you, I still feel your---"

She started to cry and couldn't finish.

Draco just stood there dumbfounded.

"I,I had no idea." He said quietly. "Kiara, listen to me. I feel the same way. From the first time you walked through the doors in the hall, I've been consumed. I,I guess, for the first time in my life I was afraid. Not like a little kid of a monster afraid but, really frightened. I've never had these feeling before. I still don't know what to make of it -- it's you Kiara, I choose you.

He took her into his arms and held her.

"Do, you want to dance?" he asked quietly.

"Ya, I think I do."

They went out to the dance floor; the band was playing a slow song. Kiara laid her head on his shoulder and whispered, "I love you." Then she closed her eyes.

  Ok---end CH. 3 --- I'll start 4 when I get more posts.  4 is called Draco's Mistake
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Ch 4 Draco's Mistake

They left the dance an hour early. They walked to the East Tower to be alone. There, for the first time in his life, Draco Malfoy said the three words he had swore he'd never say ---

He was holding her in his arms, they were gazing at the stars and then he turned her face to his.

"I, I love you, Kiara." He whispered, a tear rolling down his cheek.

Kiara immediately kissed him. She knew how hard it was for him to confess that to her. She knew how it frightened him. When they parted, they held each other and silently looked out over the snow covered ground.

"Kiara, promise me something. Promise you'll never leave me."

"Never, Draco Malfoy. I promise you this." Then smiling she said, "Your pretty much stuck with me from now on, Mr. Malfoy."

He smiled at her.

They both knew they had to get back but neither one wanted to go. So, they just stood there for some time holding one another, talking. Then they heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"There you two are. I've been looking all over for you."

It was Professor Dumbledore. He didn't look mad or even the least bit irritated.

"Want a lemon drop?" He offered the two of them.

"Thanks." They said together, each taking one.

"Nice night out isn't it, Draco." Dumbledore said looking at him.

"Ya, it is." Draco replied, giving Dumbledore a quizzical look.

"You know, you two really shouldn't be up here this late at night. However, since I have the two of you together, we won't leave just yet." He paused and looked at Draco. "Your father paid me a visit on the day he came to pick you up. He said that if he found out that you were with Kiara again, he'd pull you out of this school. Were you aware of this?"

"Yes, sir, we had an argument about it on the night of the Qudditch Ball. Don't worry though, he seems, ok with it now."

"You told him then, did you?" Dumbledore looked worried.

"Ya, I had to. If I hadn't then, well I wouldn't have been able to come back." Draco replied desperately.

"So, the means Voldem0rt knows by now that Kiara is here and exactly who she is."

All the color drained from Draco's face.

"Oh, my, god. I hadn't thought about that. Kiara, I'm so sorry. I may have done the one thing I never wanted to do. I have put you in direct danger and basically told your father were to find you my self."

Kiara put a finger to Draco’s' lips.

"Shh, you didn't do anything wrong. You can't blame yourself. I would have done the same thing had the circumstances been switched."

She, however gave her godfather a very frightened look.

"She's right Draco, I think it best the two of you stay in my quarters tonight."

Draco looked at him.

"Do you think I could be in danger also?"

"Yes, very much so. If your father told Voldem0rt that the two of you are together then, he may try to use you to get to her."

On their way to Dumbledore's quarters, Draco didn't speak

"How could I have done something so stupid? But how else could I have convinced my father to let me come back?" He kept running it through his head, trying to find something to make it right.
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Re:ch.1 Kiara's time
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Harry and Sirius were out feeding Buckbeak when Harry felt it. It was like a rush of wind that cut straight through him. He tried to shake it off but couldn't. Suddenly he heard her. Kiara was calling out to him, she was in pain. He could almost feel it.

"Kiara's in trouble. I have to get back to school, now!"

Sirius didn't ask questions, he just jumped on Buckbeaks back and pulled Harry up with him, and they were on their way back to Hogwarts.

Kiara and Draco were out walking along the lake when it happened. Kiara just passed out. Draco tried repeatedly to wake her. It was of no use. He also noticed, to his horror, she was barely breathing. He took her up and carried her straight to the hospital. Madam Pomfrey made him leave and get Dumbledore.

"I don't know Professor, she just dropped." Draco explained on their way back to the hospital.

When they got there Dumbledore looked gravely down at his goddaughter.

"Draco, you stay with her and if you notice any change come get me right away."

Draco nodded and sat next to her taking her hand in his. It was like ice.

Snape came in and taking one look at Kiara went and asked Madam Pomfrey a few questions.

At about that time, Harry and Sirius landed in the front of the school. Harry jumped off Buckbeaks back before he even landed.

Harry was half way down the hall when he literally ran into Professor Dumbledore.

"Where is Kiara? What's wrong with her?" Harry said, both panicked and out of breath.

Dumbledore looked surprised to see him.

"She's in the hospital, Harry. I'll take you."

So, with Sirius following right behind, they went up.


"You can't hold me here forever!" Kiara screamed at him. "Harry will come and save me." She said a bit more weakly.

Voldem0rt just laughed.

"That's the point my child. I had to make sure that Harry would be the , ONLY, one who could come and try to rescue you. CRUCIO!"

Kiara screamed out in pain. Voldem0rt just continued to laugh.


Draco felt her body convulse, then she let out an anguished scream.

"What's wrong with you." He said, terrified of what was happening to her.

Just then Harry, Dumbledore, and Sirius entered the room. Harry started towards Kiara but Snape stopped him.

"Don't touch her Potter," He hissed.

"Let me go! She needs me!" Harry screamed at him, struggling to break Snape’s grip on his arm.

"I can't do that Potter. If you touch her, he'll have you too."

Snape looked gravely at Dumbledore.

"Voldem0rt has used a very old and very powerful dark magic spell to capture Kiara. It can only be used on blood relatives. He must be a lot stronger than we thought. If Harry touches her he'll end up the same way. The only difference would be that he, unlike Kiara, he would not be immobilized because he would be entering willingly."

"How can we fight it?" asked Harry.

He didn't like the look he got from Snape.

"You can't, Potter. Only way would be for another family member to go in and save her. All they'd have to do is touch her. However, if you were to go in there, you might not come back alive."

"We can't risk that." Dumbledore said sadly.

Kiara screamed again and then went silent. Draco was holding her hand, he looked as lost as the rest.

"Why not let Potter try?"

"I can't just sit around and let him do this to her! I won't!" Harry yelled at them.

He tried again to get to Kiara. Sirius however, was too quick. He grabbed Harry and held him.

"Poor little Kiara" Voldem0rt laughed. "If only you'd change your mind and join me. Be at my side. I understand that you've become quite the powerful little witch. Together we could be great! Father and daughter, we could rule the world."

"I don't want the world." Kiara said in a very quiet and angry voice. "I just want to go home."

"Crucio!" and she screamed again.

Voldamort sighed.


"I've beaten him Before! Why not let me try again! I'm the only hope she has!" Harry tried reasoning with them.

"Because, Potter, if you go in there you will not be able to use your magic. Voldem0rt, on the other hand, will. That is why we can't let you go." Snape explained to him.

Harry relaxed then, Sirius loosened his grip. Harry took the opportunity and dove. He reached out and scored.

"No Harry!" Sirius and Dumbledore yelled at once.

Too late, Harry's body lay on the floor next to Kiara, he was barely breathing.

They quickly got him into a bed and put it next to Kiara’s.

"What do we do now?" asked Draco.

"We wait." Replied a very worried Sirius.
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