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Around The Grounds / Homework, homework, homework.
« on: August 12, 2010, 06:28:40 AM »
The sun was shining brilliantly, and there was not a single cloud on the sky; but a solitary white dot which didn't resemble anything. Hogwarts grounds were packed with students, all in rejoicing over the last summer-weathered days. The giant squid was floating around the lake, students fooling around on top of it. In the shadows of a big oak tree, the blue-skinned Albus sat, quietly doing his homework. He was not like any other student, aside from his skin colour. Albus enjoyed doing his homework, practised his transfiguration often, and did what teachers told him to do. He was the kind of guy to take school very seriously, and he was top of everything he ever had attended to.

Though many saw him as a geek, few knew how he was when not attending to class. A regular teenager would fit his description, as he did all-nighters, drank energy-drink and did pranks to younger students. He was rather malicious towards Hufflepuffs, even though he'd never admit.

In the cool breeze, he sat scribbling down notes whilst waving his wand, patches of grass around him changed colour, grew, shrunk, momentarily changed into animals. Wearing his favourite orange t-shirt and a pair of well-worn jeans, he sat smirking. Suddenly, he felt someone approach, even though he had no idea who they were.

Role Play Character Bios / Albus Potter
« on: July 7, 2010, 09:54:40 AM »
Name Albus Potter

Age/Date of Birth 14; 6th of April.

Height 176 cm or 5'9”

Race Wizard, half-blood.

House Gryffindor

Wood: Oak
Core: Dragon heartstrings and Phoenix feather
Length: 12 Inches.

In addition: Good for transformations and charms.

The wand is wooden brown, with a black handle.

Personality Albus is a ray of sunlight in terms of personality, especially around those he has befriended. When he is around people he dislikes, he doesn't hold back his comments, and doesn't have any difficulties to show his loathing. He is quite aggressive when he enters a fight, and will always give his best efforts. Betrayal is something that he hates. He leans upon a great amount of self confidence, even though he is not arrogant. Taking twelve different classes, he is always busy, and laden with homework. Albus is a hard worker, and he loves to see results. Albus is down to earth, with his feet thoroughly planted on the ground. He takes decisions upon cold facts, and does not like to gamble and risk. Albus has always been clever, and is top of nearly everything he ever has attended to. He's secretive, and sometimes reckless with the way he guards himself, and his own opinions. It rarely occurs to him that his statements can hurt others. He often falls into deep thoughts, concerning his own future. Albus is very insecure about his future, not knowing what he should do with it. His career choices are vast, but he does not have a slight tinge of what he wants to do after Hogwarts, even though he is currently working as the charms substitute. Albus fears the future, and is afraid that he will end up without job, education, and family.

At his first year at Hogwarts, Albus soon fell in love with one of his classmates, Jessie. Albus and Jessie has been best friends since their ride from King's Cross 9 ¾. She is a big influence in his life, and when he is around her, he can't stop smiling. When she isn't there, he feels like there is a part of him that is missing. Albus is completely oblivious to the world around him when he is with Jessie.

Whenever Albus' skin colour is mentioned, he tries to stay calm, even though the distant memory of Chad torturing him, comes into mind. It pains him to look in a mirror, to see the permanent damage Chad inflicted upon him. The marks that Chad left upon him were not only on his body, but also on his mind. Nightmares and scary dreams became common for Albus, where he constantly was tortured. His self esteem dropped drastically, and it is still at a terrible low. He loathes to look at himself, whether it is mirrors or photos.

Appearance Albus has short, dark brown hair, which lets of a golden gleam when exposed to sunlight. It is cut in an almost Bieber-ish shape, with a heavy fringe who ends at his eyebrows. He has pretty thick hair, which grows at an extreme pace. A pair of straight, big eyebrows arch over his eyes, who are gleaming nutty brown with hints of green and blue in the outer corners, and natural black eyelashes. He has a thin, angled face, with small traces of teenage acne.

Albus is tall and slim: it makes him look as if he is underfed. He has broad shoulders, and his figure is quite stretched. He is though quite hairy, both on arms and legs. Albus trains martial arts regularly, which has gotten rid of the puppy fat on his body. He is not overly muscular, nor as thin as a needle. A thing in between, with faintly defined muscles. Several scars stretches across Albus' body, results from his tough battle against Chad. He has several faded scars across his arms, though the scars on his arms are puny compared to the one that stretches across his left ribs. From his waist, up his stomach and to the top of his shoulder, a jagged scar stretches, a mark of his struggles; how he fought  Chad with his own life on the line.

The only unique thing about Albus' appearance is his skin, a light icy blue. Albus' skin is several degrees colder than normal, which has had an unfortunate effect on his health. It's a mark of his fight against Chad, and it troubles him to think over what he sacrificed against the murderer who wanted his powers. (More in History)   

Likes: Silence, harmony, new parchment, a good quill, his wand, good friends, making rude remarks at people he dislikes, ice, teaching people things, advanced duels, transfiguration, charms, red bull, energy drinks in general, and the martial arts.

Dislikes: History of Magic, Hufflepuffs, death, torture, losing, and psychological troubles.

Powers: Albus has the power over ice, and he controls it extremely well. He has a talent, and he loves to feel the surging of his powers through his body. He plays with his element all the time, making all kinds of objects out of translucent ice. His powers are huge, and he can use them for hours without having to take a break. Living with his powers has been a challenge for Albus. His powers and his abilities  are always affected by temperature. If the room he's in is very hot, then he gets dizzy and sleepy, and his control over his powers diminishes. But when he is outside in the winter, and there's snow and ice around him, he feel rejuvenated and energized, and he controls and uses his powers much better.

History: Albus grew up in a magical family, with his parents Harry and Ginny. He greatly resembles his father, even though his hair and eyes is inherited from his grandmother. Raised in a loving home, Albus quickly grew to be a kind boy, with no idea of what life would offer, and what difficulties it would bring.

Albus first signs of magic came early, he could use deliberate magic already at the age of six. He had been a sharp child from the start, he'd learned reading at four, and spoke fluid English at three. Being an only child was extremely beneficial for Albus, who got very much attention and guidance from his parents. He was always very curious about the wizarding world, and how everything worked. Amongst normal wizard children he was a prodigy.

At eleven he got his letter and departed to Hogwarts, with a new wand, new robes, a new owl, and a new type of attention he'd never received before. He was always cheerful and nice to everybody, but still; there were always whispering and glares. Pointing and turning heads. Albus hadn't understood at first, he did not know about his fathers past, as it had never been mentioned in his entire childhood. When the truth had been whispered into his ear by one of his friends, he was shocked. It was quite weird to think of his father as a big hero. Even though he held his father in high regard, he couldn't have imagined that his own father defeated the worlds greatest Dark wizard through time.

As his first school year passed, he gained a lot of new experiences, and he matured more quickly than he'd ever done before. It was in his first year, that Albus discovered his affinity for the element ice, through an old book he found in the library. Ginny had written the book, and she placed it in his hands, telling him to be careful with it. Albus suddenly found a new side of him, a side which loved a cold breeze, and sitting out in the rain. He gained his powers quickly, and he was soon doing quite well whilst manipulating the elements.

At the end of his first school year, he was confronted by Chad Grindlewald, grandchild of Gellert Grindlewald. Chad had heard about Albus' father, Harry, having the elder wand. He tortured Albus for many long hours out in the forest, where no one could hear them. Albus did not know where his father had hidden the wand, he'd never even heard about the ''Elder Wand''

When Albus' was near the end, and Chad was about to finish him, something peculiar happened. As his wand was raised and a flash of green was seen, a change happened in Albus; an unknown power surged through him, from top to toe. Suddenly, there was much more than an eleven year old schoolboy standing in front of Chad Grindlewald. It was a child filled with anger and excruciating pain. A child rebelling, using all of his powers trying to damage, wound and kill. A blue shimmer was radiating from Albus; he was one with his element. As he went on a rampage that destroyed rather large parts of the forest, Chad fled, leaving Albus alone. The second he left, Albus collapsed, and his frenzy stopped.

Lying on the forest floor, was not the Albus who had finished his charms exam, a couple of hours earlier. It wasn't the innocent, bubbly young boy who smiled most of the time. It was not a boy with fair white skin. It was a boy with his skin coloured a light shade of blue. As he awoke several hours later, he stumbled across the many roots of the forest, and climbed up to the castle, where he admitted himself to the hospital wing.

From that day, Albus changed radically. He stopped smiling to others. Stopped being himself. Stopped being active in classes, he just worked hard and properly, all the time keeping to himself. But much about Albus had changed. His skin was blue and cold. He was quiet and secluded. After the remaining exams had been taken, (who Albus passed with full marks), Albus was picked up at school by his parents, and spent the rest of his summer with his father and mother, them trying to find out what was wrong with their child. After some time Albus told them what had happened  in the forest. He met a psychiatrist, whom he talked to once every week. Time healed his physical wounds, as he slowly felt better with himself. He thought over it a lot, but even though the worst parts are over, Albus still feel weak when inflicted to any kind of pain, or seeing someone getting physically hurt.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction / Unnamed.
« on: April 30, 2010, 10:55:46 PM »
(( This is an unnamed ff, which I actually made at scool. It isn't Harry Potter inspired. It will just be... like a topic where I can express myself creatively with creating this story. It is like, semi-planned in my head. ))

" Why do you insist that I use my time on those old musty professors? I WILL NOT GO TO SCHOOL TODAY, MOTHER! " A high pitched voice was heard throughout the small wooden cottage, and out into the forest clearing that stood around it. It was a sunny Monday morning, and a solitary cloud sailed the heavens. A gentle breeze swept the green ankle high grass. The surroundings were beautiful, with colourful flowers in full bloom spread across the small clearing in which the small wooden cottage stood. Birds in the trees sang out their happiness about the fine weather, and the other animals and creatures around the clearing jumped around in the soft moist moss. The atmosphere was heavenly, and the weather magnificent.

      In the middle of the small, grass filled clearing stood a tiny old cottage, which looked like no cottage at all. It was more of an old rotten shed, with small dirty windows, ravaged wooden door, and cane formed roof, which peaked at 10 feet. It was a small building; it filled most of the clearing where it stood. The cottage was as broad as tall, and it was peculiar that someone could even try to live inside the tiny, ravaged house.

     The silence was broken, as a tall figure walked out of the cottage. It was a female teenager, even though; she did not look like any normal teenager at all. She was tall, with a lean figure; her body was slim and covered only in a linen tank top, and a pair of brown trousers. She long ravens black hair which went down to her shoulders. As she closed the door violently, her hair stood on end, as if she had been electrocuted. She was emitting a weird aura, one of strange, unseen beauty, an aura where it seemed like a golden glow came from her. As she walked into the forest with long, decisive steps, the flowers on the ground closed, and opened several times. Blue, white and green.


General / Concerning the ad on the top of HPF
« on: March 22, 2010, 05:18:57 AM »
Have anyone of you seen the new ad at the top of HPF?

If not, then information is needed. The ad says that HPF needs donations to keep its hosting fees. And lately, iy hasn't been any donations. The site is in danger of being closed... Anyone know if this is true? I would die a little if this site closed...

Ravenclaw / Substituting charms!
« on: March 4, 2010, 10:50:44 PM »
Albus walked down the corridors of the castle Hogwarts, slowly. It was a big day for him, and he'd dressed properly too. Wearing his finest school robes, it was a long time since he'd walk around the school so fixed. A gigantic grin was placed upon his face, as he flashed his bright white teeth to a group of first years, staring at the strange, blue boy.

It had long been known that employing new professors for Hogwarts was a difficult task. Some had to retire eventually, and some, did not want to squander their precious lives teaching young brats swish and flicks.

The current charms professor had retired, wanting a quiet life, outside the castle walls. And hiring a new one, had seemed too hard of a task for the headmaster, as there was no one who wanted the job. Frustrated, the headmaster had contacted Albus, asking him if he would enjoy sharing his charms knowledge with the others at his age. Albus, was a natural talent at charms, that and transfiguration. Albus had answered him at the second, "Yes!". He'd never been as excited and exhilarated as when the headmaster had asked him.

It was in fact, a dream come true, as he'd always wanted a time in his life where he could educate the young minds.

And now, he was headed to the charms room, his pace quick and firm, as the bell would soon ring. He didn't want to be late for his first class. Albus was focused, he needed to teach correct, and he also needed respect. Respect from his students. Albus stopped, chuckling lightly, as he said to himself, "My students..." A shiver spread through his spine, as his knee started vibrating uncontrollably. Sighing, Albus smiled. His knee was famous for not being able to handle stress, and nervous times.

As he ascended to the final corridor before the charms room, he fished out his wand from his pockets. Stopping in front of a big, wooden door with a metal lock, Albus waved his wand in a weird manner, and the door flew up. As he walked in, some eager students followed.

The bell rang, and students started filing in, all staring at the blue Albus which stood in front of the catheter. Some of the students, Albus already knew. Some, he'd only seen in the Great hall. The last student walked in, and closed the door.

Albus opened his mouth, and talked loud and clear into the silent room, " Anyone got any questions? Questions first, then, we proceed with today's teaching. "

General / Are you embarrassed?
« on: December 20, 2009, 06:55:16 AM »
I've noticed how my post count is coming closer and closer to a really big number. I realize I've been here for a long time. I've had much fun. But it's a bit surreal that now, I've posted 3999 times on this forum.
I just have to say I have no life.

Now what I want to ask you, what posts are you embarrassed about? Which ones do you want to delete? Which ones do you just laugh at, because you see how much you've changed?

Have a merry Christmas people!

(( This is something I wrote at school, now I only want you're opinions! There are two parts!:D For the second part, I had to split it into two, since it exceeded the maximum character length! :D ))


Once upon a time, there lived a wizard in a town called Celesta. He was a young man, who had lived in solitude, all his life. At the top of the city, a tall stone tower raged up from the ground, standing as a pole. The tower was commonly believed to be a library by the people of the town. But, they didn’t know about the magic books and scrolls which reside in the tower, each containing spells potent enough to at least obliterate the marble town Celesta.

Al stood up, and looked around. Stone floor, wooden ceiling and a little window.
~God, this room is terribly dull! Bookshelf after bookshelf, scrolls after scrolls! ~
The thoughts of the young, bored wizard raced, as he walked over to a couple of bookshelves. Having his daily dose of aggravation, he sighed, long and tiresome.
He raised his hand, and slowly touched the backs of the books, remembering every topic, every spell, every incantation inside of them that he’d learned.

~Why am I being kept in this tower, only to be given books, water and bread! ~

His nutty brown eyes gleamed, as he took down a book, opened it, and started to read.

Al looked at the sky, once again from his little window. The blue sky was free from a sky, and the sun raged as the emperor, it was the true king of the sky.
He looked down at the marble city of Celesta. The view was fantastic, but he’d never actually walked the streets of the town.

At the age of five, he’d been learned how to read, write, and perform simple magic tricks, as levitating a rock, or temporarily making something invisible.
But over the years, he’d gained more and more knowledge, but the main question still remained.

~Why did the government put me up here? ~ The 180 cm man asked to himself, his long limbs had grown, and he’d gained a toned body. He’d changed over the years, except for the fact that his long, nutty brown hair still remained, as there were no way to cut it.
But what he didn’t know, was that his question was going to be answered quick enough.

The next day continued as every other, he woke up to a tray with water, bread and some jam, then he dressed himself properly, and began his studies.

In the afternoon, another tray arrived, brought in by a middle aged woman.
Al ate up, and continued his studies.

Suddenly, he was distracted from his studies, as he heard steps from the stairs.
The door opened, and in walked a man dressed in black robes. He opened his mouth, “ I assume you are Alphonse Gregorius? “

Al nodded briefly.

“Come with me.“ The words was uttered quickly, something was hasting.

Al’s jaw dropped, as he turned his heels.

“Where are you taking me?!” He asked, confused. “ Why am I being taken out? “

The black robed man turned, and looked directly into Al’s eyes.

“ You may not know this, but our country is in war. Our opponents are getting the lead, they’re taking over villages, attacking citizens, and burning down farms to the ground. Luckily, we defeated them after several days of fighting and defending Celesta, they retreated. To assure that our country would never be burned to the ground, we put a young boy in a tall tower, one that we knew had magical powers. Now, war is closing in.

You are the magician of Celesta, and you have no choice but to surrender to our orders.

You will obliterate enemy armies and destroy our enemies cities.

You are our new weapon. “

Around The Grounds / Not so delightful afternoon.
« on: November 22, 2009, 08:31:26 AM »
(( It's been some time since I last did an RP! :O :D))

Albus smiled as he walked up the halls of Hogwarts castle, as he was heading for his own common room. His skin was as blue as ever, and it seemed that the upcoming winter was making it's way into the old castle. Wearing a pair of light blue jeans, and his " Sweet vibe " T-shirt, he was lightly dressed, compared to the other students passing by. He stood outside of the portrait hiding the gryffingdoor common room.

The fat lady looked at him strictly.

Albus sighed, while he quickly mumbled the gryffindoor password. " Nimsypopkins! "

She grunted, and the gigantic picture swang wide open. Albus climbed into the gryffindoor common room, which was packed with the conversations of happy teenagers, who'd all been to Hogsmeade. The floor was covered with candy paper, and the tables were packed with butterbeers. The atmosphere was warm, inviting, but not suitable for doing homework, as Albus plans for the evening was.

~ I'm strangely amusing, candy covering my heels, and I'm going to do homework... I must be losing it~ He thought to himself, whilst he sighed, and headed for the boys dormitory, passing the many chairs and people.

It was all just one big mess.

(( I don't care if I make it fuggly :D  ))

Around The Grounds / Autumn winds.
« on: October 7, 2009, 09:58:18 AM »
The wind whistled.

The leaves was turning brown.

And the forest stood as green as ever.

Albus sat in the grass, the wind carefully playing with his hair. Wearing only an adidas shorts, and a grey adidas T-shirt, he was an odd sight with the cold winter fast approaching.

~But I'm one special kid.~ He thought, as he looked down at his light blue skin. Sitting out in the open was Albus's way of passing time, since he always finished homework quicker than any student at the school.

Boredom was itching, as he looked over his already short finger nails.

Why couldn't anyone care to take a walk in the cold!?

The Three Broomsticks / Too much butterbheer?
« on: October 4, 2009, 09:37:29 AM »
Albus sat at the counter inside of the warm, crowded pub. The noise level was the same, firewhiskey removed the restrains most people had on their minds, normally, letting their thoughts flow out at a high rate.

In front of him, was a mountain of bottles, most his. Changing between burping and hiccuping, he drank the last part of his butterbeer, and sat it down at the counter. Looking around dizzily, his mind wavered as he had problems holding his balance on top of the tall bar stool.

" ONE... Bhutterbheer... " He said, holding a galleon up, aiming slowly for the bartenders hand.

Albus was dhrunk.

« on: August 14, 2009, 10:47:15 AM »
It may be late.

It may be a month since.

But who cares.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSIE! Albus and Sondre luffs you.  :-*  ;D  :D

General / The Black Sisters On Youtube.
« on: August 14, 2009, 07:04:25 AM »
Some time ago, I found two people on youtube. They're hardcore harry potter fans, with a good sense of humor.

Check out their channel, and subscribe! They're pretty funny, and they even make their own harry potter songs.
Or, wrock, as wizard rock : p

They're username is alwayspureblood. Check them out! ;D

Role Play Character Bios / Alphonse Gormania.
« on: August 9, 2009, 07:23:22 PM »
(( For starters, this is a bio I made for another site. I'm not going to actually use this character, it's just as a sample of what you can do with a bio! ))

Full Name:

< Alphonse Gormania. >

Character Quote:
< " If it ain't broken, don't fix it" >

< Prefers Al >

Birth Date:
< 6th Of April, 1991 >

<19, Even though he is often thought to be over twenty>

< Male >

< Dog Shifter >

< The upper low >


Hair Color:
< Brown >

Eye Color:
< Sparkling blue >

< 1,80 cm >

<75 kg >

General Appearance:
< Al stands at about 1,80 cm, a bit tall. He's slim, has long arms, long legs, and how thin he is, gives you a weird look, being skinny and tall does never look good. Al's abs doesn't show that much, nothing more than some faintly defined stripes.

Al has sparkling blue eyes, and light brown hair, which shines in the sun. His hair barely touches his shoulders, and he enjoys to keep it in a tail at the back. Al's nose is small, his eye brows is black, and thin. All of his traits comes from his family, even though he is a bit special, with his lack of powers. He's got defined cheekbones, harsh look.

He's well tanned, and has a faint stubby beard >

< Normally wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, and a colorous shirt with he top buttons loose, he's never like to go shopping so he has three pair with jeans, two sweaters, one sweatshirt, and some T-shirts. >

< Al is in good shape, even though he's long from his race's strongest. He's weak in comparison to normal shifters, but he's amazingly quick >

Scars, Marks and Tattoo's:
< Alphonse has a jagged scar down his chin, on the left side.
He got it after a fight with his brother, when he was fifteen >


< Unknown >



< Peace of mind, silence, harmony, friends, girls, studying, a good glass of wine, late nights, reading a book when it's raining outside, to fight, and cold weather >

< Failure, disharmony, rage, fighting, tutors, his whole family, bragging, being looked down at, losing a fight, bad food, heat waves >

Anything else:
He has a lot of body hair on his hair and legs. Even though he likes to keep to himself, he's always been mature, and have good empathy, and some minor telepathic skills, which allows him to only talk to people.

< Alphonse is a normal 19 year old boy, or so it seems. Even though his shifter powers, he acts, looks, and is just like a normal teenager. He's always in a good mood, even though he doesn't show it with a smile, but with thoughts.
Working at the grocery store, he's quite impatient. Customers forgetting something on their shopping list, people who's money walked away by itself, and younger teens vandalizing, brings him into his bad mood, as he has to do extra work.

Being raised by not so religious people, Alphonse has always been a realistic, think it through scientifically type of guy.
He's always been interested in biology, particles, the creation of this world and if there really is some higher powers controlling every action that we take.
He's a boy with his legs planted good on the ground, even though he sometimes seeks higher powers for help in emergencies, half-heartedly.

Alphonse loves to fight, feel the adrenalin pump through his body, his heart beating loudly in his chest.

Al has always gotten some attention from girls, even though he's never really cared, since he really just swaps from time to time. Al is in no current relationship at the time being >
Sexual Orientation:
< Heterosexual to the point that he's afraid and loathes gays >

Dating Status:
< Single, even though he jumps from time to time. >


< Biological : Eric and Grace Gormania >

< Al's got four siblings. Two boys, and two girls.
Al: 19
Holly: 18
James: 16
Geoff: 14
Jennifer: 13.

All in best health >

Extended, Other & Pets:
< Alphonse has no pets, and no special friends, as he is a bit new to St.Luthor >

Detailed History:
< Al was born into the well famed, and talented Gormania family. People from all of the world, was amused at their skills and their numbers. His father, a prestigeus shifter who'd become the representative of his race. His mother, a skilled shifter, who didn't enjoy the spotlight of the public.

The oldest of five siblings, all had hopes for him. His father, his mother, his uncles, his aunts, the whole family. Two skilled parents like his, people said, would make a marvelous shifter.

But that didn't seem to be true. Al failed in everything. His first time handling with his inner powers, had been when he was ten.
He'd blown up a whole room. More and more practice, and no improvement, he was a laughter in his family, the black sheep among st the white ones.

As time went, his confidence lowered, and all that he tried on, was just a faint spark. His smaller siblings had lost all respect for him, they teased, and bullied him.

As time went, his siblings started with shifting, all of them exceptionally good. Al didn't want to be there any more. Fourteen years old, and his desire to run away, be free like a bird, took over him, as he one day fled, away from the terrible place where his childhood, had taken place.

After that, he wandered from town to town, from village to village, never leaving the magic, his former self, but never did he use the magic, and never did he feel like his former self.
Picking up tricks as he traveled, he got some control of his powers, even though it was little.

After a time, he wanted to settle, so he got himself a job at a grocery store, and rented an apartment from a guy who didn't take too much for the monthly fee. Going to school in every day, working in the grocery store, and going out in the evenings, makes him a busy teen, even though he likes having something in his hands, just that it isn't so much.

Good stress, as he likes to call it.

Not once in the 5 years he had been gone, had he heard news from Gormania, but once, two years after he'd left them all, words traveled. The rumors of a great tragedy had reached the village where he was staying at the time.

The Gormanians, had been slaughtered, by one of their own kind.
They spoke of a woman, a mother, to five siblings, and wife to one of the greatest shifters in their line. It had struck Al like lighting, his mother had killed all of them. His mind wondered, speculated, why did she do it? Had she gone crazy?
What had really happened?

The questions was still asked in his mind, to this day.

~Why?~ >

The sun shone brilliantly, a warm summer day.
A gentle breeze went through st.Luthor as people was enjoying the fine weather. The birds was singing, the heat was at it's top, and the sun was shining at the top of the sky, pulsing out a happy feeling, to the citizens.

Or at least to most of them.

Alphonse sat in his apartment, tired. His hair was a mess, the air in his room was heavy, and a window hadn't been opened for quite some time. Garbage was spread neatly at the dark brown hardwood floor, dust had collected at the old wood table, and the red couch was draped in a boy, a pillow, and a horde of cold air fans. Al was sick of the heat, it had burned all of his extra energy out. He'd always hated the summer, even though his dark tan. Never lying on a floating mattress in the sea, never on a sun bed, frying is skin. He'd never wanted cancer.

Alphonse looked around, the back of his head was itchy.
His eye lids was heavy.

~ What'm I gonna do... It's saturday, and I've got holiday from the shop... ~ Al thought, exhausted, whilst he yawned.
Turning up the strenght of the fans surrounding him, his hair flew backwards. His eyes were slowly closing, everything fading.

~ So... tired... ~ >

Around The Grounds / In _:_ Love { This is open to all! Join quickly! }
« on: January 10, 2009, 07:15:51 AM »
The sun shined a fine May day. Winter was over, with grief, and happiness.
A warm breeze hit a blue boy's face. On the beach, he was sitting on a towel, just wearing a pair of shorts.

Albus was able to enjoy the heating sun, as he slowly leaned back, laying on his towel.
People was enjoying themselves out in the water, screaming loudly as they splashed water at eachother.
He wasn't in the mood to enjoy himself right now, he had to rest.

Strange things had started to happen. When he'd looked into his mirror this day, he looked less blue.
Being able to enjoy warmth, had been out from his reach for a long time.

Albus smiled, as his mind wandered, over to Jessie. ~ I wish she was here...~

The Forest / Crazy Idea, Crazy Boy _:_ {Open to all}
« on: September 20, 2008, 04:17:36 PM »
The forest.

The big green forest, where students really can't be.

Where werewolves are said to live, where unicorns live, where even a tribe of gigantic spiders,
live, in the forest, making it dangerous for students to wander there, even though, no one, had been attacked in a long time, so the forest had been suggested safe, thanks to Ginny, the one that had 'tamed'
the creatures inside, becoming their friend, and making the forest safe.

" CRAP! WHY CAN'T I DO IT PROPERLY!" The angry voice was resounding through the forest, making all of the birds fly up to the sunny sky, making a big black storm of birds.

Albus was sitting on the ground, in the middle of the forest, completely alone.
The orange t-shirt he was wearing, was covered with small ice shards, from attempting on his new experiment. His face, was also covered by ice shards, but, those who were there, was covering his eyes, blindfolding him. He was aggravated, mad, and extremely inpatient.

" I'll just stop now..." Albus got up, and with a clap, his blind fold, and all the other ice on him, disappeared.

" Who's there?!" Albus said angrily. The sound of a twig that had broken, had come from behind one of the trees. He took his stance, while he asked, yet again, while fures in his forehead popped up, " WHO'S THERE?!" Being paranoid, he thought of Chad. He readied himself completely, being ready, ready to do something big.

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