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I wanted to know your opinion

Started by joelovessiruis, June 28, 2010, 01:22:32 AM

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which relationship you prefer the most?

Harry Potter and Siruis Black
Harry Potter and Dumbledore
Harry Potter and Hagrid
Harry Potter and Ron
Harry potter and Lpin


Miss Xantier

Miss Xantier

Because all are of equal wrongness and totally gross. And I don't roll that way!


i would have to say that i like one that isnt one of the choices...Harry and Hermione!!! I mean, their relationship is sooo comfortable, so loving and caring! They are like all the good points to the brother-sister relationship. I believe in the movies they show their relationship rrrreeeallllllyyyyy well!! yay!
Digimon is the Greatest EVA!!! I'm NEVA gonna grow out of it!!