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An unfortunate turn of events

Started by Jackie Saylem, August 18, 2010, 12:32:08 PM

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Jackie Saylem

(( So I'm questioning if I should just make this an RP? ))

Jackie could smell human's in the forest. Their blood called to her like a siren's forbidden song. The need, or the hunger as some would call it was easier to control now, after so much practice, but Jackie was still wary and moved farther into the forest.

Good. It was quieter in the heart of the forest. In fact it was silent except for the stomping of a large deer. She could hear his antler's scraping the tree bark from here.

The hunters crouch came naturally to her, as it would to any predator. She lowered herself to the ground, stalking towards her prey with silent steps. As soon as she was within range, she parted her full lips and launched herself into the air, lithe as an arrow from the bow of a master. She immediately found the artery she was searching for and sunk her teeth in, cleanly leaving two puncture marks. Then, she moved her head slightly and began to feed, the warm life giving liquid, flowing through her veins
The buck's struggles became feebler with each passing second until the large animal was still beneath her small hands. She closed her eyes and said a prayer for this animal, thanking him for giving her life and then she closed the large animal's eyes before leaving just as silently as she had come.

Jackie's need was quenched for tonight, but she never knew when it would spike in strength again. Don't misunderstand, she had gained impeccable control over her darker side, but there was always the slight risk that she could snap. It had happened before, and this was what she worried about on her way back towards Hogwarts. When she reached the gigantic castle of a school she touched the bricks on the outside delicately, preserving all of her memories.

After maybe an hour or so wandering around Hogwarts, she turned hesitantly and sped towards the town bar, one person in mind. She had to find him


Jade pushed open the door of the bar, letting the cool hair whip her hair into her face. Only one person was on her mind right now, and she couldn't help but think about him. He had both intrigued and charmed her, but she was still wary of him for some reason.

She was headed off to get her broom, which she had hidden in a small alley so she could get back to her dorm after sneaking out for a night at The Three Broomsticks when someone collided with her. "Hey!" She protested loudly. "Watch where you're going would you?"

Raising her eyes, to give the person who had hit her a proper verbal thrashing, she paused when she actually saw them. The girl standing before her was tiny, which didn't explain why Jade had felt as if she had run into a wall. But the thing she noticed most was this girl was unnaturally beautiful with round blue eyes and full bright red lips, which was strange because the rest of her complexion was a chalky white. She was gorgeous, but there was something... uncanny about her.
"I'm so sorry." The small girl said softly. "I wasn't looking where I was going." Her voice rang like wind chimes.

Jade hesitated. "Oh no, it's fine." She replied, shuffling to the side to return on her journey to get her broom. Jade started forward at a faster pace, suddenly receiving an urge to leave this place. There was something dangerous about it, but she wasn't sure what.


Jackie was shocked. She had crashed into this human girl because she hadn't been paying attention. Why hadn't her senses alerted her to this girl's presence earlier? She briefly apologized before hurrying on to the bar. She didn't want to keep him waiting.

The second she stepped foot in the bar, she was smacked in the face by the alcohol scent. Then scenting further on, she found him in a corner booth.  She hurried and sat across from him. "Hello darling." She murmured, leaning across the table to kiss him.

He pulled away sooner than usual. "I... Jackie. I don't want to lead you on any more." He whispered, the pain cracking his voice in various places. "I'm going away. And... we just can't be together like this anymore. Seeing each other every now and then? I can't do it, and I'm sorry."

Jackie froze, her face barely moving. "This is what you wanted to talk to me about?" She asked in a monotonous tone. Becoming numb was the only way she could hide the fissure crackling through her heart. It hurt. It hurt more than when Onde snapped her arm in half. It hurt more that when she was turned into a vampire. It hurt so much she could barely speak. "Please?" She whispered, brokenly.

He shook his head, standing. "Don't make this any harder Jackie." He said, stonily exiting the bar in a swift movement.

Suddenly everything unfroze. "No!" Jackie yelped, over throwing the table that was bolted to the floor in her haste to chase after Nate. She sped into the street, glancing around wildly. She ran into alleys and down side streets. "Nate!" She called into the night desperately. No reply. There was nothing. Jackie sank to the ground, her body jerking in sobs without tears. This was so wrong.

Emptiness swam in her head for a moment before it was replaced by a blind rage. How dare he do this to her? It wasn't fair!

Jackie's eyes blazed a deep, dark black as she stalked back into the bar. She walked up to the cutest man in the bar, who had a strange resemblance to Nate, and batted her eyelashes, twisting him around her finger within seconds. "You want to go somewhere... um more private?" She asked, giggling and parting her lips seductively. It was a wonder she could manage even simple motions such as these. Jackie's entire body was filled with a black rage and despair. It was like a tidal wave drowning her.

The man nodded helplessly, taking her hand as she walked outside into a tiny alley way. He had no chance. The second they rounded the corner, Jackie viciously lunged for his throat and at the same time snapped his neck so he wouldn't feel any pain. She was blinded by anger, hurt and betrayal as this boy's blood coursed through her veins, filling her to the brim with power and rejuvenation. This was the ultimate forbidden decadence.

After she had drained the boy, rationality returned to her mind. She looked down at his pale face, shaking. Oh god. "Oh god." She whispered, the boy's limp body a dead weight in her arms. "Oh my god." She gasped, her body suddenly shaking uncontrollably. What had she done? She was a monster. Jackie shrank inward upon herself, trembling. What had happened to the 100 years of control she had practiced? She closed her eyes, not bothering to wipe any of the blood from her face. She had let one boy do this to her. She had let him and all the love and pain he had brought to her life destroy her. Never again. Never again would she let a boy in that close. She shivered again, being in love with someone was too dangerous. So never again.

Footsteps sounded down the alley, and Jackie turned, praying it wasn't someone she knew come to find her like this. Her eyes were wild with fear as she waited half-hidden in shadows for the person to come closer, so she could see them.
Jade Madeline Hayes - Strong, Independant, Confused, Naive.

Arianna Adaine - Elegant, Lethal, Lost, Alone, Outgoing, Anxious.

Jackie Dawn Saylem - Beautiful, Vampire, Young, Passionate, Energetic, Quirky

Jackie Saylem

((Alright, even though no one seems to care...  :'[ I will continue to write!

And I apologize if some of the ideals about vampires are incorrect and all, so let my know!))

Jade arrived back at her dorm, tip toeing so as not to wake the other girls, who were fast asleep. She slipped into her night gown and slid under the covers, unable to get the strange girl out of her mind. The girl had seemed distressed and anxious. She had been in a hurry too.

As Jade closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, she couldn't help but feel that the strange blonde girl was important somehow.


It was a stranger who passed the alley without a second glance. Good. He had no idea what would have been waiting. Jackie turned to the boy in her hands. There was one option she had left that she could think of. She bit her lip, tentatively. What if he didn't want this fate? But she had to do something. This was her fault.

Jackie set her lips with a grim resolve. She reached pulled her wand out of her pocket. She may not have been good at remembering spells, but she knew at least one. "Accio Everest." She murmured, waiting. Not even a minute later, a golden handled dagger was in her hand. She clenched her teeth closed her eyes as she made a cut in her wrist. Irregaurdless of her will power, Jackie still gasped in pain as the blood welled up from her arm. That was her life flowing out of her.

She held her wrist to the boy's mouth and nudged his lips open so the warm blood flowed into his mouth. Then she gently stroked his throat, forcing the life giving juice into his body. "Please work." Jackie begged. The boy may have already been too far gone. "Come on. Come on!" She urged, continuing to hold her wrist to his mouth.

Suddenly the boy jerked violently, his entire body spasming. Jackie almost laughed with relied. It worked. He was now experiencing flashes of excruciating pain. But he was alive. Or dead, depending on how you wanted to look at it.

After five or so minutes of the boy twisting in Jackie's arms, he stopped. Jackie smiled. He would be awake soon now. His eyes fluttered open, staring at Jackie's face. "Come on." She murmured, standing him up. "What's your name?" She asked softly.

"Kendall." The boy whispered.
Jade Madeline Hayes - Strong, Independant, Confused, Naive.

Arianna Adaine - Elegant, Lethal, Lost, Alone, Outgoing, Anxious.

Jackie Dawn Saylem - Beautiful, Vampire, Young, Passionate, Energetic, Quirky


I like this very much. I wish more "unfortunate turns of events" were present both in the book and the movies. You can never have too many of those imo. Makes everything more interesting.