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Day One

Started by Crazy_About_You, August 21, 2011, 11:06:27 AM

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Evalee smiled as she entered the gates of Hogwarts. There was something about the first day that was totally intoxiacating to her. She didn't know if it was the train ride, the students milling around the school, or the sorting that night, but something made this day seem special to her. She was begining her fith year here at Hogwarts and was excited for what lied ahead. As she dragged her suitcase around the grounds she nodded to different people she knew and others she didn't. She could see girls exchanging giddy hugs, boys swaping high fives, and the ocasional icy glare from one student to another.

Finally she aproached the front steps of her house, Hufflepuff. She smiled and sat down on the steps, taking a second to look at the place. Of course a thing hadn't changed, it was Hogwarts, and that was what gave it its cham."Oh I missed this." she said to herself, smiling and taking in a breath of the fresh air. She was glad to be back.

((Cheesy and short I know... I tried. lol Open btw))
"You have to belive in something or you will fall for anything."

Ginny Thompson

Dillun had a great time at the sorting had too. She was walking up the corridor towards her house with her friend Riley. They were sort of troublemakers but by themselves they weren't.
Dillun was excited to be starting her fourth year here.
She hadn't known the older students in her house but the years younger she knew well.
She let her friend Riley depart as he went to the Ravenclaw commonroom.
She approached the steps of her house when she saw a girl slightly older than her staring at the entrance of the Hufflepuff commonroom.
Dillun knew faces but hadn't known many names.
"Hi, I'm Dillun" she said friendly.
Dillun was sort of a chatterbox and was curious to learn about people and be friendly.
She held out a hand to let the girl shake it.
The choices you make; make you who you are


Evalee noticed a figure walking up towards Hufflepuff. As the figure neared closer Evalee could tell it was a girl, maybe a hair younger than her. "Well hey Dillun. My name is Evalee" she replied, shaking the girls hand.

The girl looked familiar but Evalee wasn't sure. "Are you starting your fourth or fifth year?" she asked, thinking maybe she'd seen her in class besides in the Hufflepuff commonroom.
"You have to belive in something or you will fall for anything."

Ginny Thompson

Evalee seemed like a nice person.
"Year four (in character bio year 3 but i thought she should be a year older as i made her 2 years ago)," Dillun smiled.
It was getting a bit cold outside the commonroom and Dillun decided to walk in it, besides, the other Hufflepuffs were already in there.
"Are you going to come in or just stay there staring at the door?" she said smartly.

(Sorry couldn't think of anything:))
The choices you make; make you who you are


Evalee nodded, so Dillun was a year younger than her. She guessed that maybe she'd just seen her in the common room. As Dillun started to get up and go inside Evalee began to join her. She hadn't noticed the tempature change but now that Dillun pointed it out she was starting to get cold. "Yeah, I suppose it is. I'm coming." she picked up her bags and lugged them inside.

Evalee passed by Dillun as she headed to her room, she needed to drop a few things off in there before she came back out. "I'm going to run to my room real fast, be back in a jiff." She went to her room and discarded her luggage before returning to the common room. She waved at Dillun to let her know she was back and headed over to the comfy couch in the corner. "So are you excited for a new year here at ol Hogwarts?"
"You have to belive in something or you will fall for anything."

Ginny Thompson

"Oh yeah, sure" she said excitedly.
She sat on the carpet, wasn't much of a chair person.
She gave a book to Evalee.
"Look me and my friend wrote it it's not quite finished but it's about a boy and girl and their adventures. Each chapter is a new story, " she said she left Evalee with her book as she put her bags with the other year four hufflepuff girls and headed back to Evalee.
"So is it passable, i mean for the publisher?" she asked excitedly.
A big grin sprang to her face. 
The choices you make; make you who you are


Evalee smiled, trying to keep up with Dillun. She sure did keep busy. She took the book and flipped it open, skimming through the pages.

"Well I mean I can't really tell...."
she said as she glanced up at Dillun's excited face, a huge smile from ear to ear. "But I could read it, and er... give you suggestions?" she said finally. She'd just met the girl and barely even knew her, yet felt like she had to help.
"You have to belive in something or you will fall for anything."

Ginny Thompson

Dillun had glanced at the book," I think it still needs a little more work" she sighed.
Front covers, front covers, what was she going to put on the cover, what picture?
A flame spreading across the front and back with the silhouette of a boy and girl in the back ground hands in the air as if waving, was the last thought she had.
Evalee had been a loyal friend so far, could she upset Dillun by saying the book was well horrible?
She watched as her friend flicked the first few pages and started to read chapter one: A beach and a boy.
It was the girl narrating the first chapter about how the two met on a beach and the start of their adventures, a map discovered under a pile of sand they built into a sand castle and they find the long lost trophy of a wizard. A famous wizard, the credit they both took for it and a man who offers to help by giving them a job at Adventure Whereabouts a committee of adventurers who want to find things, and the man gives them the next mission which lead to the beginning of chapter two.
"So how's the first chapter?" Dillun asked.
The choices you make; make you who you are