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Shopping With A Friend((Open))

Started by Ginny Thompson, August 22, 2011, 03:14:43 PM

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Nathan turned around and was surprised when Dillun kissed him. He was so confused, so terribly confused but kissed her back anyway. He'd never kissed a girl.

In all reality he'd never even really talked to a girl. Other than to ask to copy notes or something school related anyway. Dillun confused him, most people confused him actually. As he pulled away to end the kiss he looked her in the eye. That was the right thing to do right? He barely knew the girl and had so many questions going through his head.
"You have to belive in something or you will fall for anything."

Ginny Thompson

Dillun couldn't help herself.
She remained attached to his lips like glue.
She kept a hold of his lips.
Dillun could feel him pulling back, she let go of his lips and could feel the light finding its way through the darkness destroying it.
She had known now that what she had done was wrong. She couldn't find how she felt anymore, she couldn't look at his face anymore.
She felt so bad.
She felt awkward with him, she didn't like being in this situation.
She had to leave to think properly again.
She started to steer away from Nathan, pushing past people, to find a safer place to hide where no one would find her. She hid in a tiny alleyway in between shops.
She never kissed anyone before because well obviously people had thought that she was weird and looney. 
She stayed in the spot thinking of what she'd done to made her feel so bad.
The choices you make; make you who you are


Nathan just stood and watched as Dillun walked away. "Wait," he said but she didn't hear him. He tried to follow her but didn't have his glasses with him and couldn't see.

"Dam*" he shouted as he shoved his hands in his pockets. What was up with her? She'd looked scared, or confused when she pulled away. And then she'd left again. He kicked at a pebble on the ground. Was it him? Or her? He didn't know and didn't know what to do. He decided to just walk, he'd see her around the school eventually right?

As he passed an alley he saw her, sitting on the ground. He started to walk away but then stopped and turned back. He stood at the end of the alley, looking out into the street instead of at her. "Dillun?" he asked.
"You have to belive in something or you will fall for anything."

Ginny Thompson

Dillun got up.
"Let's just forget that even happened" she said.
"C'mon, we must find Riely before he leaves with out me- i..i mean us."
This time Dillun walked so that Nathan could keep up with him.
The choices you make; make you who you are


Nathan grabbed Dilluns hand as she started to walk away and turned her around to face him. His face started to burn so he let her hand drop and began talking.

"Listen," he began, searching for the proper words. "I like you. I'm not sure how exactly I like you. As a friend or as more or whatever." he sighed. "I don't talk to girls ever, or even people outside my classes okay and you, you're cool. And if all else fails I want to be friends with you, at least as a bare minimum or something okay?" he stood, refusing to walk untill she replied or said something to him.
"You have to belive in something or you will fall for anything."

Ginny Thompson

Dillun stopped.
She heard Nathan talking, and took it all in.
She shuddered and sighed at the same time. What could she possibly say to that, he'd said it all.
She looked away, she knew he wasn't going to keep walking without her saying anything.
"I understand. I just took it the wrong way, i don't know how you feel but I'm willing to be friends-i think if anyone saw us together they'd think we're weirdoes and i don't want that to happen to you so please be my best bud, what do ya say?"
The choices you make; make you who you are


Nathan gave the words a minute to settle. "Let them think we're weirdos, I'd love to be your friend." he said with a smile spread across his lips. The day's turn of events had been intresting but he was glad at last it had come to a reasonable end. "So your friend, Riley, sounds pretty wild." he said walking with her now.
"You have to belive in something or you will fall for anything."

Ginny Thompson

Dillun was relieved when she and her new bestie worked out their problems. It was a few minutes after she'd answered; she needed to think about it.
"Riley? Nuh, he's different-nice not a wild thing, he just gets stressed when he can't find friends to hang out with."
Dillun  smiled remembering when she, Linvy and this girl from school(her only other friend) Cynthia, hid from Riley- he stressed and kept walking around, the girls giggled so hard that it almost blew their cover. But once they'd revealed themselves-boy was it funny.
That was years before though-all the exams, assignments, and books was all she had to focus on. But she was probably more interested in jokes and things now though.
The choices you make; make you who you are


Nathan nodded as Dillun spoke... "Well I guess I can understand that." he thought to to the stress of school and how the commitment to his grades was sort of like a relationship/friendship. He hadn't exactly had many friendships here at hogwarts but he assumed that it could take work and or be stressful.

"Well he sounds like a nice guy then. Lucky to have you as a friend too." he said with the slightest hint of a smile as he elbowed her in the side.
"You have to belive in something or you will fall for anything."

Ginny Thompson

Dillun smirked that was before Nathan elbowed her on her side.
"Ouch" Dillun said she jumped back putting an arm at her bony waist.
There wasn't much pain it was just that Dillun hadn't liked to be touched that much-well when she was busy anyway, in which she was.
"So we haven't spoken much about your friends-what are they like?" Dillun said after the pain had gone away.
By then Riley was coming into focus.
The choices you make; make you who you are


Ace was walking and looking for stores that were more cheap. He didn't have much coin and he was fired from his last job, because he got into a fight with the owners son. He layed out his hand and started counting coin, until he ran into a boy. "Oh! Sorry bro". He extended his head and look at one of the boys books. On the top left hand corner read "Riley".  (Is it okay if I join?)

Ginny Thompson

"Jeez man, watch where your going!"

Riley's books and things were all over the place, he started to pick them up.

"Don't you know how to be nice?"

He had started to get aggressive and he knew this it often happened when he wants to find his friends and they're not there. He knew he should have been nicer but he had other things to be doing than bumping into someone. He kept telling him off. When he looked at the expression on the guy's face he knew that's where he had to draw the line.

"Oh, I'm sorry" he noticed the other guy had his hand out in front. And then Riley knew that he had to shake it. So he did. "Hi I'm Riley and you are...
The choices you make; make you who you are