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Jai Elliot

Started by Jai_Elliot, October 22, 2013, 05:47:24 PM

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Name: Jai (J) Elliot

House: Ravenclaw

Height: 5'7


Appearance: Jai has choppy black hair that reaches just above her small ears. Her eyes are blue/grey. She has an incredibly pale complexion and has freckles sprinkled about her face. Her clothes are casual, if not a bit ragged, when not in Hogwarts robes, she normally wears a well loved, lose, brown tank top under a leather jacket, torn jeans, and a pair of biker boots. She has an eyebrow piercing.

Parents: Mathew and Toni Elliot

Race: Pure Blood adopted by muggles

Personality: Jai is a very open person who enjoys talking about almost anything, although she tends to shy away from girls. She can be easily trusted, but not many people trust her seeing her as untrustworthy. She reads a lot, and stays up late with her friends. She usually falls asleep in the commons. She has a slightly deeper voice than most girls, but doesn't care. She loves hanging out in the common room and talking to friends. She enjoys learning as much as she can about the wizard world by spending as much time as possible in the library.

Likes/ Dislikes: Jai adores books (from the muggle or wizarding world), she likes motorcycles, and she adores quiditch. Anything that can be considered dangerous, she considers a fun challenge. She also loves her elf owl, Tobias.
She hates dresses, people who harass weaker students, and bigots.

History: When she was young, her parents abandoned her, she never learned why. She was adopted by a lovely young couple who raised her around hard rock, and motorcycles. While going through muggle school she was bullied because she was genderqueer and bisexual. Thats why she doesn't like bullies. She is an only child struggling with money both in the wizarding and muggle communities.

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