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Late Night in the Commons

Started by Jai_Elliot, October 22, 2013, 07:23:46 PM

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Jai sprawled out on her favorite armchair in front of the fireplace after a long day of hard work. Her bag dropped to the floor, sending books spilling everywhere.
"nuts..." She murmured and got down to pick up the books splayed out on the floor. She gathered her belongings and sat back on the chair, this time she laid her bag onto the floor instead of carelessly dropping it. She kicked her shoes off, which rudely disturbed a game of wizard chess, "Oh, uh, sorry she mumbled to the unhappy couple playing the game. She closed her eyes and relaxed aas she sunk into the soft cushions. She felt completely alone with her thoughts.

Josh Weasley1

Josh walked into the commons. He scanned the room looking for anyone he knew. His eyes focused on a girl he saw sitting in a chair looking relaxed. He swept passed the kids playing wizard chess as he made his way to this girl.

Josh had not been around for a while and had made his way back to Hogwarts at the age of 21 to try and find some balance in his life. Josh had left again and had returned after a long journey in the muggle world to do some research for his own as he had thought of doing work for the Ministry.

Josh sat down in a chair next to this girl.
"Hiya I'm Josh!" He said with a warm smile on his face.
He took his backpack off and set it down next to him. Most people thought this backpack was full of books, but it was full of muggle items he had collected and thought had meaning to them.
Dancing days are here again