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Topics - Sky

General / If Anyone See's This....
May 16, 2012, 02:22:43 AM

I miss you. All of you. I miss our old storylines, no matter how ridiculous. I only talk to three other people from here anymore. SO, if anyone wants to start a new plot, or even a new form of rp, I'd be really interested. :)

Again, I miss you guys and hope you see this. We had such a loving support system and family here and I want you all to know that if you ever need anything, I will always be here for you. Always. <3

Much love,

The Forest / Do you know?
August 19, 2011, 12:20:35 PM
Summer wasn't over, but Fall was on it's way. It didn't take a calendar to explain that to Mrs. Skylar Mitch. She just knew. The way the sun set, earlier and earlier. And the nights were becoming colder. Not too much, but enough to notice a change. But today, today was beautiful.

   The black haired, gray eyed woman stood beside a thin, flowered tree. Pink petals sprouted from the fuzzy brown circle that made up its center. It gave off such a wonderful aroma. And in her arms was a baby boy, several months old, reaching for the flowers. Sky smiled and pointed to the scene before her.

It was a brilliantly built castle, made of the finest stone and it had such a beautiful structure. She took a step forward so the gray eyed boy could see. His eyes grew wide as he saw the giant building.

"Ha' warts!" He said suddenly.

"That's right, Char. That's Hogwarts. The best home I've ever had."

She kissed her son, who looked so much like his father, the man she had so much love for, on the forehead. How had she lived before Char? He was her life now. He was her everything. She tousled his brown hair and smiled.
General / I'm back. Yay! ^_^
June 23, 2011, 02:22:24 PM
So...I quit coming back I guess because I just haven't really been in the mood to RP with Harry Potter lately. But, I really miss everyone and would like to start getting back into it if you guys are in.

Oh yeah. Did I miss some serious changes or what? The site is all...pretty.
Hogsmead / _I miss you_
April 23, 2011, 08:29:56 AM
       It felt as though life had been drastically altered since Char was abducted from this house. Since he had been taken from Jason and Sky, nothing seemed to be the same. No matter what Sky did, even the simplest of things made her think of her son.
       She had been preparing some tea for Jason, waiting for the water to boil. And as she waited, she would stare out the window at the beautiful sky and rising sun, and it would bring her to tears. Folding Char's laundry brought on tears. Sometimes even looking at Jason made her cry. And Jason must have been feeling bad too. Everytime he tried to comfort Sky, she would put up a wall. She hadn't been spending as much time with him as she should. It was just...hard. Taking a child from a mother was a terrible thing the Death Eater's did. Sky felt broken. A part of her was stolen from her. And she didn't even know if her son was alive.

       Sky stepped out of the house with Jake, her energetic brown Labrador, in front. As she took a seat on their porch swing, he went to go do his business. It was nice out today. The air was warm and even the sunlight felt nice on Sky's pale skin. She pushed her hair behind her ear and closed her eyes, leaning back and taking in the delightful weather. But still, she thought of Char.

The Forest / The Mission ((Open))
March 27, 2011, 07:23:35 AM
Spring thunderstorms were something Henry liked to look forward to. The way the air smelled just before the rain fell, how the rain would start off slow and then suddenly change into a fast shower, the sky changing, thunder roaring. And then the lightning. The unique zig-zagging lines that disappeared just as quickly as they had appeared.

The thunderstorm had already started though. The rain was falling, pouring, incredibly fast, already beginning to soak through his robes. He pulled his hood further down over his head, though it really didn't really do anything.

   And then they came. Dressed in their solid black cloaks, hoods over their heads just like Henry. They all arrived around the same time, with a cracking sound. And one of them held a crying baby in their arms. That one person stepped forward and made his way to Henry.

"So, you're absolutely sure you want to be with us then boy? I'm sure you know the risks, but I'll be kind and remind you. Because once you join us, you can't turn back. You give up a lot of things. But if you want power, then this is right up your ally."

Henry just held his gaze at the man.

"You face cutting off all ties with your friends and family. You face being captured by the Ministry, being tortured, even killed. To be a traitor will result with consequences. So tell me, is this what you want?"

"I want to be strong." Henry replied quietly. "You told me if I joined you, I would gain strength. I'd be able to over-power great witches and wizards. I'd learn things that some of the greatest masters don't even know."

"I know why you want this. It's just my job to make sure you understand what you're doing."

Henry nodded. "I understand."

The man suddenly grabbed Henry's arm, his wand in his other hand, and pushed the baggy fabric up. He pressed the tip of his wand into Henry's forearm and Henry cried out in pain. There was a green flash, and then it was over.

He had the mark.

"There. Now, you have a mission. You cannot fail this mission. You must get away from here. Far away. And you are to take this baby with you."

Henry's eyes widened. "B-baby!? I can't take care of a baby!"

"Silence! You are to do as I say. This is your mission. Do not fail us." He put the child into his hands, and then snapped his fingers. That was when all of the cloaked figures left with another cracking sound.

The baby had stopped crying and stared up at Henry. There was a note on his shirt.

  Char Mason

Must be his name.

"What do I do with you? Where am I supposed to take you? I'm only fifteen."
Role Play Character Bios / Henry Jacob Quail
March 6, 2011, 05:40:43 AM
Name: Henry Jacob Quail



Race: Caucasian, Wizard

Parents: Malcolm Quail, Julia Brooks

Henry stands at 5'8'', still being a growing boy and all. His skin is dark, naturally. Just like his hair, which is a dark chocolate brown. He has a lean, athletic build. He had always been a lean child. He has a pointed jaw and long nose. Thin eyebrows, but also dark, which give off a kind of brooding expression sometimes. His ears are average size, eyes being the same. His eyes are as green as the blades of grass on the grounds in the summer. Always bright and alert. His hair is very straight, stopping mid-neck and cut at his ears. He has a little scar across his shoulder from an accident years ago.

  Henry has a fairly normal taste in style. You can find him beneath a tree in jeans and a sweat shirt or in the Great Hall with shorts and a plain tee. It all depends on his mood. He is not the kind to dress up for occasions, so to find him wearing anything "dressy" outside of his school uniform is a rarity. But instead of wearing dress shoes, he will always have his tennis shoes on during school hours.

Personality: Henry is not the nicest person you will ever meet. Nor is he the meanest. He is simply, just Henry. A happy medium between the two ideals. He can be friendly like any other person, but can be annoyed just as easily. He does not find pleasure in teasing like most boys in his dormitory. And he is not the kind to join in the fun that the boys like to have. He is more quiet rather, finding his place by a window with a book or something.
                And just like anyone else, Henry has his fears, things he is good at, and things he is bad at. But to find out those things, you have to get to know him.

Likes: Reading, swimming, rain, Defense Against the Dark Arts, etc.

Dislikes: Dressy clothing, stupidity, heights, Potions, etc.

Abilities: Training in the art of elements.
Hogsmead / ••••
February 19, 2011, 12:39:23 PM
      Something was very off about today. While it was still winter and typical for the sky to have some gray to it, today was different. The clouds were dark. Like a storm was coming. Thunderstorms weren't common in winter. The air was full of tension and a hint of fear. Perhaps it was because the Mitch's knew this involved the Death Eaters.

 Sky peeked around the curtain in their living room to see how it looked outside. If maybe the conditions had changed. But instead of it fading, the clouds only seemed to get darker. She let the curtain slide back and turned, not surprised to see their chocolate lab, Jake. He was different too. The storm was effecting him more than anyone else. He knew something wasn't right and had kept by Sky's side all morning.

"Hey Jake."
Sky smiled and pet him softly. "You're such a good dog."

 Upon looking up, Sky realized how dark her house was. She didn't have any lights on, except a small one in the baby's room. She had stayed there a majority of the night and all morning. She just had a weird feeling. She would have been in there now, but she came down for some water and a little snack. She hadn't eaten since yesterday, and she had to eat for Char.

Once she got her things, she and Jake returned back to the baby's room. Sky peered into the crib to see her sleeping little boy. She smiled and sat down in the rocking chair, Jake laying beside her.
Around The Grounds / -Just Move Along, Move Along....-
February 6, 2011, 10:10:22 AM
Why am I still thinking about her?

Phoenix stood along the lake, his brown hair windblown, bits of snow sprinkled here and there. He wore a simple red tee with a black jacket and jeans. Dragonhide boots protected his feet from the snow that almost reached his ankles. He noted a small hole in the center of the lake. Must have been from the giant squid or something, reaching out for a bird maybe?

He closed his eyes and sighed. Of course it would be Avalee that he thought of first. He accepted the break up as no big deal, but in all honesty, he missed her. He really did. Why did he let her get away so easily?
Hogsmead / •New Beginnings•
January 26, 2011, 06:16:15 AM
Is this what it's like? Unconditional love?

The cry coming from the infants' mouth was breathtaking. Life came from the baby's lips. And that only made the new mother smile bigger. Sky was weary from the amount of stress her body had just been through, but after all the pain, discomfort, and the time, it was beyond worth it. She smiled at her husband, though she must have looked awful. At least she thought so.

Sky held the tiny baby her in her arms, cradling it. The baby was calm now, blowing little bubbles and staring at her. Sky giggled.

"My little boy." She began to hum very softly and then planted a kiss on top of his head.
Hogsmead / Last Chance
December 26, 2010, 12:54:33 PM
Things had been very...tense lately. Was that the right word? It would do for now. It was like Seth and Alice's relationship had already begun to become tired. But that was just an excuse Seth used. The truth was, their marriage was a mistake, a rush of excitement not clearly thought out. But Seth never registered this. Honestly, he loved Alice. He practically put her up on a pedastool. He saw perfection in her, and not because of her vampire-like qualities.

  But things just weren't the same. Seth came home from work. They talked, ate dinner, and went to bed. It seemed like forever since they actually made love. Was this how married life was supposed to be? He assumed so and didn't bother to question it. He never considered the possibility of Alice being unhappy. He just assumed this was how it was supposed to be. Maybe she was just mad because he got upset over the dog arguement. But it wasn't a big deal. He was over it now.

  So Seth decided that tonight he would try to make Alice happy. To make their marriage more...exciting? He didn't really know what he was attempting to do. But things had changed and he didn't like it.

   Dinner was made. Candles lit. No distractions. Seth wore his best clothes, a button down shirt and pants. His hair was stylishly messy as he sat at the table. Now all he needed was his wife.
Around The Grounds / Wizard Tournament of 2010-2011
December 12, 2010, 02:45:01 AM
((NOTE: This is meant to be like the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but without the other two visiting schools. This tournament will take place at Hogwarts with Hogswarts students only. It will be an ongoing thread run my myself so that there is no confusion. I may ask for older members to be judges. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this thread, then please PM me. Thank you.))

  "Ladies and Gentlemen, this year we will be having a school-wide tournament. Similar to that of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but it will only involve our school and the students within. For those of you who know about the Tri-Wizard Tournament, it involves three separate challenges, each one being very, very dangerous and difficult. This is how our tournament will be run. There will indeed be three challenges. And, after getting permission granted by the Ministry of Magic, we are now allowed to accept those ages 13 or older. But, let me warn you. This tournament will not be simple. It may require magic far beyond what you have learned. By submitting your name into this contest, you risk your life. But if you are the winner, you exit the games with honor and victory. Not to mention the 20,000 Galleon prize.

   "To submit your name, you must write it down onto a piece of parchment and put it into this goblet." The Headmaster motioned at a tall goblet on a table, illuminated with blue light. "Myself and a few advisors will review the names and ask you for an interview to determine if you should participate in the games. There is no limit on the amount of participants. I ask you, to think carefully before submitting your name. For once it is in that goblet, there is no going back. You will be binded by a magical contract. Good luck my dear students." The Headmaster bowed and retreated to his chair.


Yes, a tournament is approaching. Very soon actually. And in case you didn't understand what is is about, here are some helpful points and things I forgot to add.
  • Your character must be 13 or older to participate.
  • There will be three challenges held at different times.
  • There can be any amount of participants, but only 1 character per person. Choose wisely.
    • Super abilities may help you, but they may either be banned or restricted to a certain point, so keep that in mind.
       Challenges will take place at different times, so make sure to check back frequently for updates. Each participant and judge will receive a PM letting them know when the challenge will be, or if its approaching. I can't really guarantee and exact date.
    • All judging decisions are final and cannot be taken back.
    • Cheaters will be fed to the dragons. Okay, so maybe not. But if you try to godmod or something, I'll be angry with you and probably boot you out of the competition. So don't do anything like that, okay?[/i]
      • You will have to submit an application once your name is accepted to finalize your participation. Most members will likely be able to be involved, but if your application isn't very good, then there is a chance of you being disqualified.-----------------------------------

        To submit your name, just PM me with your character's name. Once accepted, you will be PMed back with an application. Application's are for my eyes only or the judges. So when your application is finished, PM it back to me and it will be handled that way.

        For each challenge there will be a new thread. Members who aren't participating are allowed to post in these, but please don't spam it with one sentence posts and such. Cheering is nice for the participants by the way. ;D

        Um...I think I've covered everything. If not, then I'll just add something else. I will post all of the champion's names here once they are all entered and finalized. Like I said, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, then just send me a PM. Thanks!

        I hope this will bring back some people and bring some fun along with it!

The Lake / ••A Simple Little Ceremony ••
November 6, 2010, 11:50:31 AM
       So it was this day in November that Sky would marry Jason. It was an unexpected decision to marry so soon, especially after the miscarriage, but Sky couldn't be more excited. She looked forward to spending her life with this man. And if she died from the hands of the Deatn Eaters, then she wanted to die as Jason's wife.

    She was alone in her private dormatory in the Gryffindor wing, reviewing herself in the mirror. She had on her wedding dress, and her hair fell to her shoulders in loose dark curls. ((  I'm going to go with this? Because I got bored looking for a good picture....))

   "So this is it." She sighed, meeting her soft gray eyes in the mirror. This is where a new chapter begins.
General / Avatar: The Last Airbender
August 30, 2010, 03:20:18 AM
Just wondering, does anyone like the show?

I've been re-watching the entire series and I absolutely love it. If I can find some people who are interested in it, I might make a RP site for it. Something different. I know I've tried making other sites and have failed, but this is easier to work with.

Also, you don't necesarrily have to know the entire plot of Avatar to be involved. Its basically people who can "bend" or control a certain element. There are only four elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. So...yeah. Let me know. I'd really like to do it.
The Lake / ♦If We Ever Meet Again♦
August 16, 2010, 05:03:18 AM
   Ever since Phoenix met Avalee, he felt something change in him. He was constantly thinking about the two of them dancing in his dormitory, their bodies close and hand in hand. He saw something in her eyes that made his brighten. He didn't know what it was. Maybe it was hope. He saw sadness in her eyes, but he also saw hope.

  She's too young. His mind had told him.
  She's lost someone close to her.

How dare you try to step in when she's vulnerable.

  But there was another thought running around in his head.
  She's special.

Yes, she was special. But how could he be so sure? He had only known this girl for a few hours. He had seen her around the school, walking so gracefully through the halls. Sometimes, if he was walking past the herbology greenhouses, he would stop for a moment just to catch a glimpse of her. The way the sunlight hit her, it was mesmerizing.

   Phoenix was walking around the lake, wearing only a pair of plain navy blue shorts and his glasses. His hair was flat and pushed to the side, giving him and unusually edgy look from being wet. He had just gotten out of the water after enjoying a nice swim. The lake was warm from the last three months of sunlight heating it. As he walked, the sand around the shore gathering between his toes, he thought of the school year, of lesson plans, of Avalee. Somehow she kept jumping into his thoughts. She was always there.

((Sorry, the last bit was rushed because I got to leave for a few.))
Hogsmead / You're the reason I believe
August 13, 2010, 01:09:23 PM
Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat.

The rain fell like pebbles onto the roof of Sky's home. It was storming severely outside. The thunder was booming, lightning flashed, and the wind was terrible. It was just another summer thunderstorm, but Sky couldn't help but to worry about Jason. She was standing in the kitchen, glancing out the window every few minutes as she worked over the counter chopping lettuce for a salad. She decided she was going to make a home cooked meal. Without any magic. And to Sky's surprise, she didn't even burn the roast that was resting in the oven.

"Please tell me he's safe." Sky whispered. She heard the familiar jingle from Jake's collar as his head perked up. He had been snoozy on the kitchen floor, hoping to get some of the tender meat that was in the oven. Sky retrieved a bowl and filled it with lettuce and sliced vegetables. She set the table and brought out the roast, cutting it and putting it on a platter. She gave Jake a decent sized portion. He was young. He could run it off. She laid the roast out on the table with the salad, along with some bread she had sliced earlier. Finally, she added two candles and lit them before taking her place back at the counter, watching out the window.
Name: Pheonix Christopher Stark

Age: 22

Date of birth: May 24th, 1988

Race: Muggle-Born Wizard

6' 2''

Weight: 170 lbs

Parents: Robert Benjamin Stark and Tracy Kay White ((Stark))

Powers: Ordinary wizard powers and the ability to transform into a phoenix((thus the name)).

   Appearance:  Phoenix is quite skinny and lanky, which helps give off a nerdy self image. His hair is short, neat, and always neatly groomed. It is a lighter shade of brown. He was blessed with a beautiful set of blue eyes that are usually hidden behind his glasses.  He has thinner eyebrows and a longer nose.
    He rarely will wear casual clothing out in public. Unless he is resting in his room or out doing his own business, he prefers to dress in a "sophisticated" style. This includes dress shirts, ties, vests, and sweaters. Phoenix believes that if you wish to be taken seriously, then you should dress seriously. His teaching shoes are often neatly shined.
Personality:  Phoenix is generally a serious person who spends too much time on his work. He enjoys learning something new and could spend an eternity in the Library at Hogwarts. Whether he admits it or not, Phoenix does like to debate things. It could be about the effectiveness of a spell or ethics or anything. After all, his Mother said he always did like to argue and make a point.
   He will, however, not argue with a student who is being insubordinate. He will simply tell the student like it is or give them a punishment. After years of being teased and being called a nerd, both by students and previous classmates, Phoenix has developed a tough shell. He's grown up to become stronger.

History: Phoenix grew up in the country where his family lived on a large field and was homeschooled until he was ten. That summer, he received his letter of acceptance to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At this point, Phoenix didn't even know that magic existed. He had seen a magician come to the local library once, but that was as close as it got. His parents had assumed that it was a joke and threw away the letter at once. An hour later, a man dressed in a bizarre moss colored cloak appeared at their doorstep. He had come to explain what Hogwarts was and what it had to offer.
       Phoenix's parents were eventually convinced once the man took out a stick from inside his cloak and produced a flame with a mere flick. At the end of the month, after managing to gather so many odd supplies, they sent their son off on the Hogwart's Express. Here, he found out that he was a Gryffindor, and that his favorite subject was Astrology. He fell in love with the stars and the planets and everything in between.  But this was also when the teasing began. Students, not just Slytherins, laughed at Phoenix for being what they would call a "nerd". Phoenix always had his nose in a book of some sort or was always doing something school related. He was the one who tried to answer all of the questions in class and excelled.
     During the middle of his sixth year, Phoenix had discovered that he was an animagus and that his animagi was a phoenix, which was only a coincidence. When Aaron finished school, he returned home to work in the muggle field. He took a job at a diner because he didn't have the "proper education" to work much else. He left after two years and left home to live in London. He lived in an old motel and got a job at Flourish and Blotts, having an interest in books. Just this year he was hired to be an Astrology teacher.

((Yeah, I got writer's block, so I might need to edit it later. Hey, I tried. =/))
Hogsmead / •Wasting Away•
July 10, 2010, 08:04:17 AM
The Hog's Head may have been rid of Axel's body and eliminated of any blood since last week's incident, but Seth still saw the blood on his hands. He still saw Axel on the ground with his life fading. He was the one responsible. Though he wouldn't face any charges because Axel attacked first and had the potential to harm the other people in the bar, Seth had been given a life sentence of guilt and realization. Until that day, that moment, Seth didn't realize how much pain Axel had been put through. And he was to blame for a lot of it.

   He sat in the woods where he had left Alice, and his ring. He sat on the ground, his back pressed against a giant oak tree. In his hand was a bottle of alcohol. He didn't even know what kind he bought. He just asked for the strongest stuff and went here to drink his sorrows away. It was a dumb idea, and he would regret it later, but right now he didn't care. He didn't care about anything right now. He just felt so worthless.

Seth took a swig from the square glass bottle, spilling a little on his jeans. He had on a white tee shirt and black jacket and had no idea where he left his shoes. His hair was flat and combed down, not spikey like he usually had it. He had a five 'o' clock shadow from not shaving like he normally did either. He was just out of his typical routine.  He stared into the woods, staring at nothing, then took yet another sip.
The Hogs Head / Fire and Ice
June 27, 2010, 10:24:41 AM
   There were way too many people in The Hog's Head tonight. Apparently, there had been an arrest almost twenty minutes ago and people were still caught up in the commotion. The authorities had finally left so people were getting back to their drinking ways.

 "Drinks on the house!" Someone called amidst the crowd. There was an uproar of cheering as several men rushed to the bar. When Seth went to open the door, the smell of sweat and alcohol was strong. Maybe there was some kind of celebration tonight.

 "It's crowded, but its the only place open for a drink this time of night." He called over his shoulder to Alice.
  Axel wasn't here to get drunk, unlike the others. He was here just to chill and get out. To have a little fun and some time to himself. He sipped on a cool butterbeer and wiped his lips on the back of his hand. He was in the back, away from the commotion and the stampede that had just happened when someone offered free drinks. He had a white fedora hat over his shorter crimson red hair, blocking his eyes from anyone else, and a tighter black t-shirt and jeans.

Hogsmead / Honeydukes
June 22, 2010, 12:02:56 PM
The little sweet shoppe that stood in Hogsmead was filled with all sorts of people looking to tame their sweet tooth. People crowded around the shelfs encased in glass, purchasing fudge and chocolate covered pretzel wands, chocolate frogs, peanut butter dragons, and whatever else was up for sale. Who knew why they were so busy, but that was a typical day at Honeydukes. Their sweets were just that good.

Axel was in the back, looking at a shelf that carried an assortment of cookies, brownies, and boxed puddings. There was even a little stand beside it that held all kinds of cookbooks. He even saw one that was called "Muggle Cooking" by Sylvia Linnox. He considered picking it up and taking it home and maybe learning how to cook something, but he was a horrible cook, even with magic.

  He twisted his head, to see if Avalee had arrived, but she wasn't there. He was a little early though. He had something special planned for her. His hair was cut, not too short, but not long anymore, and he had put on a black shirt and white tie, and he even had dress pants on. People looked at him like he was crazy. It had to be at least eighty degrees, but Axel wanted to shed that tough guy look and be what some would call, a gentleman.
The Lake / Every Rose Has It's Thorn
June 13, 2010, 01:35:13 PM

That was the word that stuck out to Axel tonight. Those two syllables had so much meaning. He could finally live his life the way he wanted. He was done. He didn't even care about money or anything. He was just glad to be finished. But that word also left his future foggy.

The red head sat on large boulder that rested along the shore of the far side of the black lake. He had changed into jeans, but kept his white shirt, save the tie. He sat indian style, his hands hanging off his knees and his sky blue eyes staring into the water that glimmered with the light from the setting sun. There was a gentle, chilly breeze that blew against his skin and pushed his hair to the side. He didn't budge though.

Axel should have been back on the grounds, celebrating with everyone. He could hear music from where he was. But tonight was his and Avalee's night. And he didn't want to be back there among the people and noises. He wondered if she knew where to find him. He had sent her an owl with a note that said Meet me at the lake. But didn't leave a time and didn't say which part.

He raised his hand into the air and made a large flame in the shape of a star and shot it above him several feet as a signal.